Giro Tweets of the Week 2022 : All Italy is ablush

It’s the start of the Grand Tour season … yes, it’s time to go all pink for the Giro d’Italia. That means it’s the first of the Giro Tweets of the Week for 2022. We have Mathieu van der Poel – on the bike, in the weeds, doing heinous things to pasta; we have Robbie and Adam being their effervescent selves as they commentate the race; we have Mark Cavendish touching the face of his teammates in gratitude.

First pink of May

Just as he did last year at the Tour de France, Mathieu van der Poel takes the leader jersey on his Giro debut.

He really had to work for it, though.

Pop goes the weasel

Ketchup. On. Pasta. What fresh hell is that!?!

TT anyone?

We miss Ganna …

What might occur, as the GCN team talk about the TT results

The longest stage ever

It was a long stage, made much longer by the fact that the peloton was going slower than a slow thing from Slow Town. It was painful


Monday was the rest day. For some.

Pink pink pink

Hungarian cycling fans came out for Mathieu and Mark …

Something we didn’t expect to see. Ever.

I’m unsure about Lupo’s bike position …

what goes on here???

Girmay in the ciclamino … totally gorgeous.

Robbie and Adam

Because why not. We’re loving GCN’s Giro roster. Long may it continue.

Good news from LouLou

The last word

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