Roubaix Tweets of the Week 2022 : Chaos! Mayhem! Dirt! Flames of Glory!

Paris Roubaix is always a race that defies predictions. But this year, oooh lala, the weekend of cobbles really gave us one of the wildest rides in a long time. This is a melange of tweets, loosely categorised (very loosely), with plenty of tweets from fans during the action. Confusion reigned and it was GLORIOUS. [Lots of f-bombs in this column, by the way.]

The beauty of the race

Roubaix wouldn’t be Roubaix without some outstanding Insta galleries from Jered and Ashley Gruber.


It was balls to the wall racing from very early on … and that was the work of these guys. Instigated by VeloVoices favourite, Michal Kwiatkowski

For more praise of Ineos’s classics season (yes, really), have a listen to our podcast where we practically live in Ineos corner (when not running over to Wanty corner).

Dan Deakins is the oracle – predicting this well before the end of the race.

Some people don’t like the enthusiasm and of-the-moment emotion that Adam Blythe brings to the commentary booth but we LOVE it. All that we love about him is in this second film.

I pray to all the cycling gods that Filippo Ganna will one day set his sights on being the best Classics rider he can be. Judging from this footage of him chasing back after a puncture, that period would be one of great style, swagger and power.

Wanty Wanty Wanty!

For those who thought they could call the race before the final 5-star sections … ho ho ho. Who do they think they are? Dan Deakin?

The most iconic stretch of cobbles in cycling: The Forest of Arenberg. All the atmosphere, all the pain, all the power. Yeah baby

Wout just kept chasing back. Tenacity, thy name is van Aertย 

He also had a quick bike change.


Tweeters from around the world tried to make sense of the race at various points. These capture the atmosphere as much as the film clips of Arenberg!

When InnerRing calls it a wild race, you know it’s totally out of control

Brad on a Bike was supposed to help us understand the race. It was in fact … not helpful

Feelin’ the pain

Feelin’ the love

What a way for Roubaix weekend to start! Fantastic

We had the whole world in our twitter feed …

Taco Taco Taco! Wanty Wanty Wanty!

Cheeky response from Wout

Babies and birthdays

Just a few more

Product placement with bells on


The last word

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