Tweets of the Week 2022 : Stared down, boxed in and out-tufted

Much like Tadej Pogacar in Sunday’s Ronde final, I got stared down and boxed in by my relentless work schedule so let’s just pretend that this is going out on Tuesday. We have all the best Ronde tweets, some great photo galleries from the Grubers (as per usual!), baby pictures and much much more.

Starting at the finish

Stared down … STARED DOWN by Mathieu van der Poel … do not play poker with this guy. You’ll have to sign over your house by the end of the evening.

Grubers rule

One of the true joys of the Belgian spring is that Ashley and Jared Gruber are out and about and taking fantastic photos throughout the races. They set the platinum standard for race photography, in my book. Great angles, fabulous juxtapositions, those little incidental things that others miss. Here are some Ronde galleries to cherish.

How the race was won

This was it. Staring down and track standing were just the decorations on the cake, it was when MvdP refused to let Pog go on the Paterberg that he won the race.

The finale – as we’ve seen – was just gobsmacking.

As always, we see what it means to the winner (and the one who misread the whole scenario)

I missed WvA too, but he will have his day.

That he risked defeat to win spectacularly – something I always love to see riders do.

Give the man a burger, he earned it

The Tufts of Power™

Let us sing a song to Pog’s superhero hair

But the tufts let him down in the end …

Let us not forget Valentin Madouas, who worked with van Baarle to catch MvdP and Pog …

The tuft-on-tuft match-up

‘I’m cobble-bursting, Daddy!’

The Gruppetto

Pog was out on the cobbles of Arenberg this week – not because of Roubaix, but because of the Tour de France.

I can’t help thinking about frat houses …

LOVE – the exuberance of Belinda


The last word

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