Tweets of the Week 2022 : Strade Pogache, Jumbo rules, Ganna power

It was a dusty weekend at Strade Bianche and an all-out Jumbo ambush in Paris-Nice – the cycling was intense and the Twitterstream was teeming with emoji-filled responses to the action. We have Ta-dah Pogacar, Wout, Rog and Christophe bossing it in Paris-Nice, Ganna getting into his groove and much much more.

Strade Bianche

It was dusty, it was windy, it was beautiful.

One of the most unbelievable crashes we’ve ever seen, with LouLou head over heels after the peloton gets blown off the road. Although there were some DNF from this group, the injuries were far less severe than they might have been.

For a brief and shining moment, we thought Taco might have a chance to take his first Strade …

Meanwhile, Pog does a Pog

Fantastic photograph from James Stratt

Egan was with us all in spirit

The women’s Strade, however, was by far the more exciting finish – this is the way to take the final kilometre! And how not to set up the cameras …

Who’s the boss? Jumbo’s the boss

First stage of Paris-Nice and Rog & Co decided to throw down that gauntlet. Then pick it back up and throw it down again … Wout, Rog and Christophe Laporte took the podium for stage 1, with Laporte in yellow and Rog a good 30sec in front of his GC rivals. Teunnisen rode himself inside out to get them set up for their mini team time trial to the finish

If you want to see the action … here it is!

The acting still hasn’t gotten any better with age

Stage 2 was for the sprinters, although again Jumbo put the hammer down, forcing some very exciting echelons, and hoping that the stage win would go to WvA. But Fabio Jakobsen … faster than the speed of light … well and truly took that sprint in some style.

Meanwhile, in Italy

Tirreno-Adriatico started on Monday with a time trial. The pundits were hyping Remco but seriously, with Ganna in the race? There was no way the world champion would not win Stage 1 and go into the leader’s jersey

Things that make us go ‘huh?’

The photo sessions prior to the start of Tirreno … (I love Ciccone!)

The less this is spoken about, the better I think …

Interesting – is Miguel Angel Lopez going to come after Pids to get his nickname back?

The Gruppetto

Tiesj Benoot, who won Strade solo and muddied a few years back, got taken out by that windy crash.

The whinging contest of the week

King Kelly is back on comms

Love the Grubers, love @kiss_my_panache, love this ethereal photo

G’s little brother … does that mean we need to call Marc Soler ‘g’?

Let’s hope it gets better on the back of that bike as the season progresses

LouLou has impeccable manners


HURRAH!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!

The last word

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