Tweets of the Week 2022 : 88kg of racing machine

Ah, it’s another week of fun and frivolity in the pro-cycling peloton. This week, it’s mainly about the gorgeous Tour de la Provence, which gave us hours of viewing enjoyment. But there’s also peloton bromances, Sepp on skis and Cav sprinting … GO

Ganna gone

Tour de la Provence was a cracking race – not least because of the presence of Filippo Ganna. Who is 88kg at the moment.

Straight from the horse’s mouth … 88kg

You do have to wonder if all the marginal gains stuff is still a thing with Ineos. How could they have missed that Ganna’s bike change was against the rules? He hauls his 88kg up the final climb of the stage for what … a DSQ

To be clear, Lena’s soup break did not cause Ganna’s disqualification …

Just a little bit more from Ganna

Love Peloton Style

Let LouLou be LouLou

Alaphilippe is just one of those riders – sometimes he gets it swash-buckling right, sometimes he gets it swash-buckling wrong. But either way, he rides on instinct and gives it a go, willing to take the consequences for good or for ill. What’s not to like?

But for all the LouLou love and Ganna fangirls, it was Nairo Quintana that won the whole thing. Of course, now there will be all those ‘Quintana to win the Tour’ nonsense, which, let’s face it, IS nonsense. But good to see him attacking!

Along with the calibre of riders at the utterly delightful Tour de la Provence, we also were treated to the platinum standard of commentators with Adam Blythe and Matt Stephens at the microphone. Fabulous

Cofidis Corner

Bryan Coquard went so fast because he was being chased by Ganna. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This can only be described as ‘fan logic’

Uno-X v BB

Uno-X weren’t given a Tour de France wildcard. Why oh why not?

But remember, success is the best revenge.


The Gruppetto

Cav has started as he means to go on …

Sepp on skis!

There have been a couple of tweets about this bull …

The last word

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