Tweets of the Week 2022 : Bernal! Podiums! Pants!

It’s Tweets. Yeah, Tweets … Tweets of what? Tweets of the Week … we have good news about Egan Bernal, Cofidis Corner with a young Hugh Jackman and a winning Bryan Coquard, we have Giulio Ciccone singing in his pants, Trek smiles and Burgos tears, unglamorous cyclist sightings and the usual ‘he’s on THAT team this season?’ Go go go go

Truly a miracle

Twenty fractures. Twenty. It’s great to see Egan Bernal on his feet – something that seemed touch and go with the spinal surgeries required in the first days after his horrific crash. Heal up well, Egan. We look forward to welcoming you back to the peloton when you’re ready.

Cofidis Corner

The team are starting their ‘No Relegation Tour’ right with young Benjamin Thomas winning Etoile de Bessèges – a race that had José Been and Adam Blythe together on the GCN comms but no access from the UK! GCN are taunting us now …

Just me,  or does young Ben look like a very young Hugh Jackman?


Bryan Coquard – yeah, baby! – swapped his B&B jersey for the red and white and took the second stage of Etoile.

And as I missed this in last week’s Cofidis Corner, here it is … Simon Geschke‘s jerseyed dog

The smiles … the tears … the kisses

Matteo Moschetti took a fantastic sprint win over the weekend at the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana

Manuel Peñalver gave Moschetti a run for his money and you could see him banging on his handbars in frustration as they crossed the line. Sometimes, defeat is harder to take when all your fans are applauding your pluck and effort.

If this is Aleksandr Vlasov‘s happy face (for he won VCV2022), I wonder what his ‘did I leave the iron on?‘ expression looks like.

The gruppetto

My eyes! My eyes! Just too much pox in this picture …

Baby Shark distracting the coach driver

Looks like Ciccone just needs the tatts to complete the look

Strange cyclist sightings

Our annual season-starting ‘he’s on THAT team?‘ part of TotW

Dylan Groenewegen looks bewildered by this chant. As am I.

Did we know that the Ladies’ Favourite was going to be a Bora DS this season? Did we know and forget, or did we never know this?

This is making me quite nervous

While I would love Gilbert to win MSR, Stybar to win Roubaix and Roglic to win the Tour, I am not so sure about His Nibs winning Flanders or anyone other than Ganna winning ITT rainbows.

Were they Jumbo Bees?

The last word

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