Tweets of the Week 2022 : Pin the medals to your soul

The tweets have been so good these past couple weeks that I have brought the Tuesday that 2022 starts for this column forward by a month. Yes, we’re back and we’ve got fans and teams alike making the most of their twitter feed. We have Ineos, Jumbo, Wanty, Thomas De Gendt, Marianne Vos, Tadej Pogacar, Filippo Ganna (natch) and dogs in jerseys. Well, one dog in one jersey. And much much more!

I’m invisible!

Andrew Talansky (I can’t bring myself to bold his name) believes that if you don’t watch the news or go on Twitter, things don’t actually happen! Kind of like my brother when he was five years old thinking that if he closed his eyes really tight, no one would be able to see him. Talansky isn’t funny, but the reactions to his ridiculous tweet were very funny.

Almost … but not quite …

Meanwhile, somewhere in Arkansas …

If I had a pound coin for every time I saw a photo of the superman pose, I could retire. As I assume everyone has seen it about 100 billion times, I’ve decided to go with a couple other tweets …

Marianne Vos just keeps bringing excellence to everything she does. Yeah!

The winningest

A new signing for Lotto …

It’s Richie‘s last season, boys and girls.

Cofidis was getting the love this weekend.

Guillaume Martin had his moment in the golden sunshine on Sunday’s GP La Marseillaise (but he did not win the race)

Although this started off as an EF film, this actually is much funnier.

While this film shows Primoz Roglic‘s light-hearted side and the Academy Award-calibre acting from his teammates.

The flip chart obviously exhausted the poor man.

But holy Mary, what is this that Astana dropped on us just 15 minutes before this goes live?

There’s no way we could get through this column without some Ganna love

There was a queue for the Victorian Fainting Couch at VeloVoices Towers when we found out Ganna was going to ride Roubaix this year. It’s … a dream come true!

A handy chart of jerseys – the good, the bad, the ugly, according to biscuit-baking dynamo, Belinda!

Oh, I say … saucy

A blustery day

Happiness is …

road racing in the golden sunshine. GCN on a Sunday afternoon. I was giddy with glee.

Wanty starts the season with a rocket of a sprint from Biniam Girmay

Happiness also is having two great commentators calling the race with humour and assurance. We were in very good hands on Sunday with Matt Stephens and José Been – more of this please, GCN/Eurosport!

Now add Robbie McEwen to this year’s commentatory roster, PLEASE!

Just because this is funny.

Wordle wonderment

I think I’m the only person on Twitter not involved in Wordle. But I can get on board with this sort of thing!

The last word

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