Worlds Tweets of the Week : Double rainbow for LouLou

It was the best Worlds EVER and Sunday’s men’s road race was absolutely mad and majestic and … well, 6 stars! So many stories, so many great fan tweets, so many songs … Dig in, folks!

What a race!

A glimpse of things to come further along in the race …

What a champion!

Wout van Aert was the hands-down favourite, but as we all know, that is no guarantee of winning. But another thing that we know … if you’ve had the rainbow jersey the previous year, you will ride yourself inside out to keep it. And this year, Julian Alaphilippe did just that.

As we have seen time and time again in LouLou’s wonderful career, he often is the trigger for the winning move – as Suze says, whether for himself or for someone else. Sunday, it was all for him.

Attacktics, the Alaphilippe way.

The Belgian crowd could howl and boo all they wanted. It wasn’t going to deter this man.

Translation: I was thinking of my little one in the final. There were a lot of Belgian fans who asked me to slow down. They didn’t always have very nice words. I want to thank them, it made me want to ‘press harder.

As if Alaphilippe could wait patiently …

He gets a hug from Tommy anyway …

Translation: “The jersey was bigger this year on the podium, they put me in XL. I think they planned it for Wout van Aert.”

The Belgian crowd might have been disappointed, but they still couldn’t resist the panache of the victor.

What a swell party!

You’ll never be able to unsee this …

What happened?

Wout just didn’t have the legs. ‘I’m only human, yeah?’

The Remco Conundrum

So did Remco ride for himself, get told off, then ride for Wout? Did Remco ride for LouLou in the guise of riding for himself? Or did Remco just ride? We’ll never know for sure

Words between Remco and Tim Declercq when he made his first attack about halfway through the race (or a bit before) and then suddenly we didn’t see him anymore. Banished to the back.

Or was it all in the plan?

The Danish curse

But Valgren still got on the podium

Other races, other days

Except that you can’t debut something more than once …

A proud dad of an amazing young rider …

Absolutely fantastic

Tiny dogs on podiums

Tony Martin retires in style – with a rainbow jersey and a gold medal. Chapeau

The Gruppetto

After 270 gruelling kilometres, Roglic is still Roglic

The Waffle Race Circuit

Always a place in Tweets for Esteban Chaves

Can’t wait!

The last word

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