Worlds Tweets of the Week : Hi-diddly-ho Bruges!

It’s time for the World Championships and we’ve already had a few races. We have the tears, the disappointment, the joy, the Ganna dancing … oh yeah. Tuck in!

The calm before the storm

After the Tour of Britain finished, it felt like Twitter had gone quiet …

The deluge

But then we all kicked back into action for the men’s ITT race on Sunday.

Wout was deadly serious. Pog, not so much.

For Belgians, it was like this:

Translation: “The World Championships time trial was a 48-minute free-ride without a climax”

Unfortunately for Wout, Filippo Ganna turned on the power again this year and Wout took silver again

Remco Evenepoel had been in the hot seat for some time, until WvA kicked him off. But Remco took bronze and was pretty chuffed!

When Ganna is in full flow, my, is he astounding.

This is perhaps astounding in a different way. 🙂

Issie seems to have really thought about this list.


Women’s ITT

Emotional jubilation for Ellen van Dijk

Men’s U23 ITT

The Danes seem to have a lock on the U23 rainbow

Junior Women’s ITT

Tony Martin bows out with some power

Tony Martin has won the ITT rainbow jersey four times – tied with Fabian Cancellara for most wins – and has owned the German national ITT champs jersey since winning for the first time in 2010. The only year he hasn’t won that nat champs jersey was in 2011 – otherwise, he’s had the lock on it. But just before the Worlds, he announced that he was retiring for the sport altogether.

The Gruppetto

Seriously love that kit …

And speaking of kits

There will be a Mrs Pog soon

Oh, I do dare say!

Other races, other places

The last word

Translation: Sweet, thoughtful, good friend. It’s unbearable to think that we’ll never see each other again. You were always there for everyone else, even when you did the greatest things for yourself in your life and in your career. Rest in peace, Chris Anker Sørensen. There is no comfort, only love. 

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