Vuelta Tweets of the Week : Aqua bikes, ice showers and animal serenades

It’s a bumper crop of craziness for this edition of Vuelta Tweets of the Week … from Valverde as a pup to the riddle of Landa, Pinot fan fiction and Primoz bonuses. It’s all here!!!!

Act normal!

It really was a disappointment that we didn’t see the aqua bikes

If cyclists said what was on their minds

Roglic stretches himself

It’s only the start of the second week but blimey, looks like Primoz Roglic has complete control of the race. But we can’t be sure until that final ITT …

How it started

How it’s going 

Oh dear … looks like it’s up to Adam Yates.

I’m so happy to have Adam Blythe back on the couch and on comms. Brilliant. Utterly brilliant – and funny

One way to get cool

Michael Storer looks too young to be someone nicknamed ‘The Destroyer’

How do you solve a problem like Mikel?

The dashing new profile pic obviously didn’t work …

Busted flat in Baton Rouge

Movistar had a very topsy-turvy weekend. Mas keeps up with Rog, but Jacobs and Valverde crash out.

Alejandro Valverde was about to animate stage 7 when he hit a crack/pothole in the road and lost control of his bike. Skidding and sliding (miraculously) between the barriers and somehow kept from falling down the mountain. But it was the end of his Vuelta, even though he tried to carry on. That took a lot of umph out of the peloton, the VV timeline and the stage itself …

Alejandro Valverde – the Spanish Marti Pellow

See what I mean?

The gruppetto

Ganna time …

Love this pic

KitKat wars! Lukas is in Tokyo reporting on the Paralympics. In his spare time, he is searching out different KitKat flavours in Japan.

Except he’s showing neither a well-honed sense of adventure nor the fundamental understanding of the remit of anyone on Twitter …

Animal serenade …

Thinking about it … it has been reported that Pinot finds strays and gives them to his friends – sometimes riding with kittens in his cycling jersey as he transports them to their new home. So therefore, surely the song would be What’s New, Pussycat? 

The last word

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