Tweets of the Week : Gold, Jerry, GOLD! Plus transfer rumours and chocolate jerseys

It’s the time of the season … we have the Olympics, transfer rumours and announcements and just waiting for the Vuelta to start.

Showing their medal …

And he responded to all the comments  …

I’ve always said Richard Carapaz (known as Dickie at VeloVoices Towers) was a stealthy rider. And he played the Olympic road race beautifully.

We know that Carapaz now has a gold bike. Please, no gold helmet. WE BEG YOU!

Pippo in his bookworm glasses … LOVE. We all need more Ganna.

And this happened too.

Totally irrelevant to this column but still …

These have nothing to do with cycling but I don’t care. This is a million dollar idea! I think it would have theme music strangely sad and melancholic like the theme music for The Incredible Hulk.

Might still be a bit of a touchy subject … but there’s a steering mouse! A STEERING MOUSE!

Jerseys we’d love to see!

Here are just a few that we love – click on the tweet to see the whole thread.

This would definitely go with that weird daffy duck helmet from a year or so ago.

Riders who are staying, riders who are moving

This first tweet is the best news I’ve seen on cycling Twitter this summer. If you remember, Koen de Kort was forced to retire after severe injuries in an off-road accident. But it’s great to know that he’s got a new role within Trek.

And here are the stats of his long career.

This shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise.

The only surprise here is the length of the contract – that is a LONG time in cycling.

Does this make sense? Not sure …

Sam Bennett goes back to Bora – most likely because both Pascal Ackermann and Peter Sagan have left. He’s the sprinter in the cat-bird seat now.

The Gruppetto

Wout + Water = Magic

The last word

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