Tour Tweets of the Week : Tuftness, Belgian pride and all that good Tour lovin’

You can say this Tour de France was lopsided, or slightly boring in places, but one thing you can’t say is that it didn’t have any heart. There were tears and hugs at almost every stage and Paris was no different. Except it had babies to be kissed as well! This last Tour Tweets of the Week for 2021 is filled with joy, laughs, creativity, #couchpeloton and a celebration that we were all in it together. Enjoy!

The fairytale ending

What they wanted to happen …

… against what actually did happen.

Oooooh baby baby

This Tour de France was rather loved up – with Cav sweeping Alaphilippe into his arms after almost every sprint stage to tears and hugs from first-time Stage winners all through the race. And Paris was no different – lots of babies, little kids, wives, teammates, everyone got in on the act

And mums

And wives (I think that might be against UCI rules …)

And absent countrymen

And teammates (tell me Vingegaard doesn’t look like Andy Schleck from that angle …)


We sing a song of Andre Greipel

One of the classiest riders ever is retiring at the end of this year. You would be hard-pressed to find a video of Andre Greipel throwing all the toys out of his pram or failing to congratulate riders who beat him to the line. Always humble, always gracious (in winning as well as defeat) and always grounded. We wish him all the best of everything.

The other peloton …

A special shout-out to fans that don’t let sleep get in their way when it comes to bike racing and (just as importantly) great tweeting during said bike races. We love you, #couchpeloton!

Belinda … pure joie de vivre

So much creativity! Loved the #TourdemyGarden from Englishtifosi

The Barbie and Ken sets MrsFrog must have … Loved her recreations (#letourdepoupees) throughout the Tour

This is pure genius

And a little bit of cycling history with two slices of bread and a couple of dolls

If you’re not already following the #couchpeloton hashtag, you must. They’re here all year and they’re a very welcoming bunch!

If you missed it

‘I’m going to speak from the heart and just say what I have to say … ‘ Well put, Tadej

A feat for any rider. Billy should be proud

The Gruppetto

A podium of torsos


Champers on the Champs

Sprawled …

Racing is all about tuftness

Happiness is …

I love Paris in the summer … when it sizzles

The last word

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