Tour Tweets of the Week : Photography Special!

Tour de France 2021 just gets crazier and more chaotic as the stages go on. Looking through all the great photographs and videos that have been coming through the twitterstream (and insta!), I decided that this particular Tweets of the Week will be photography based. Some absolutely stunning shots in here – the pain, the joy, the tears, the confusion … Enjoy!

Make sure that you click on to the Instagrams as most of them are carousels of photographs.

A week in yellow

Reunited and it feels so good …

The resurgence of Cav

The looks, the hands, the jackets

Guys (sometimes) in cars shouting stuff

When the legs don’t shut up

The joy of a Cav win was not a happy day for Brent van Moer – whose solo ride to glory was cut short by a bunch sprint.

Nicholas Dlamini‘s first Tour de France ended sooner than he wanted, but he continued to ride even though he was well over an hour outside the time limit on Sunday.

The heartbreaking ‘did I make it?’ Another rider outside the time limit.

The biggest DNS of the Tour has been Primoz Roglic. Bruised and battered, riding off the back while everyone deserted him, he still had a smile on his face.


The hairpins

The last word

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