Tweets of the Week : Babies and bidons, washi tape and glitter guns

Mopping up the best tweets from the past two weeks of racing and on our way into the 2021 Tour de France in a few weeks. We have baby news, retirement news, #FreeRichie, jersey cookies, and much much more. AND, we have our TOUR DE FRANCE WALLCHART CHALLENGE! Get in on it!

Welcome, Nino!

It’s definitely human

Click on the walls of logos and you’ll actually see Remco teeny-tiny …

My, Big Tam has a way with words.

Tom Dumoulin on riding a time trial: “It’s like holding your finger between the door for 45 minutes and slamming the door shut all the time.” This goes into 😉 the books”

Retirement klaxon 

Mom motivation 

Bidon delivery systems

Tour de France Challenge

Forget the slick posters that come with all the special Tour de France mags out now, we’re interested in what fans make to keep track of the Tour. I have a working Tour wall planner to keep track of who’s writing what but Katy’s tweet has made me think that I need to up my game … I will be making a special, high-kickin’, highly personalised TdF wall chart this weekend. Post up yours and they go into the first Tour de France Tweets of the Week! Washi tape, glitter glue and star stickers AT THE READY

Cookies are also a good way of expressing your love for the Tour

Underdog charm

Richie Porte Corner … on Twitter that is. He hasn’t been given one yet at VeloVoices Towers.

That’s often the way

The Gruppetto

You might have missed the presentation, but you can buy the book >takes credit card from wallet<

Are we going to have a #FreeCav campaign as well, I wonder?

If a media partner cares to contact me, I’m willing to do Tweets of the Week for money …

The last word

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