Giro Tweets of the Week : Oh Italy, you’ve been beautiful

The 2021 Giro d’Italia has ended. Egan Bernal took home the maglia rosa and the Twittersphere ended that tough third week with a blistering stretch of tweets. No one was left behind!

Ganna ♥ 4ever

It might have been a closer run thing than we expected (12sec to Remi Cavagna) but Ganna did what Ganna does and won stage 21 to bookend another successful Giro.

Let’s just cut to the chase : put some Barry White on your headphones and feel the Ganna love

The champion

Prosecco all round

In fact, Egan Bernal and his girlfriend might have got to the Barry White playlist before we did. (No pictures necessary. Trust me.)

Pizza time!

Pizza and beers all round!

Talkin’ fast

‘It’s a Chris copter …’

Often the most obvious answer is the correct one.

A Martin montage

It just takes that one guy to help change the race for another guy (or a couple other guys)

It was Team DSM with Romain Bardet who changed the script on Saturday.

The Gruppetto

Meanwhile, back in France

I’m sure we had one of these threads for Prince last year. But they’re always welcome. I suspect that anything EF throws at us in the way of kit change, Elton John could match it! He’s already got the duck helmet

Owners who don’t read cycling press … or have no idea at all to what big cyclists ask for in contract negotiations

Honey, what’s happening, what’s going on, what’s *this* all about? Click on the picture for the full effect.

He’s going to run out teams pretty soon

The last word

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