Giro Tweets of the Week 2021 : Raincapes, spats, and The Musette of Courage

It was an eventful week in the Giro d’Italia – so many amazing stages (for all sorts of reasons) and so many fantastic tweets. So this is going to be the Tweets of the Week equivalent of a peloton spread all over the Gaiu – glimpses of riders here and there, pictures without context, and all jumbled up. We have That Boy Bennett, Ganna Love Corner, rain cape mastery, and The Musette of Courage™ to name but a few! Enjoy the chaos! 

One arm at a time

Oh, those pesky rain jackets. I’m still haunted by Jai Hindley’s slo-mo wrestle with his raincape in last year’s Giro, nearly riding into the side of the mountain. And this weekend was no different! All the terror came rushing back.

I think we can safely say Egan is Mr Pink?

Oh Ganna!

It’s the love corner for the beast they call Filippo Ganna 

The bookworm specs, the bouquet of flowers, the strange giant babyseat … this gets pinned up on the WVA/JakeTapper/FilippoGanna tripych that I have been constructing.

That Boy Bennett

George Bennett has been uppermost in a lot of fans minds over the past week – often for very different things.

First, his shopping

This is why we love cycling.

All about the Bennett / Brambilla breakaway bout last week.

Evergreen tweet

In the mists of the stage

With patchy 4G pictures that instinctively cut out when there was some real action on Stage 16, we all had to imagine what was going on, while constructing pithy tweets.

The King Kelly Story Hours got a little Last Tango in Paris

The Gruppetto

Stats and rants and Remco on a mattress

Pain faces

Helicopters were grounded on Stage 16 so TV transmission was significantly hampered. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from fans but it was the ones who seemed to know what was safe and what wasn’t, why this should be or how to fix it, why it wasn’t dangerous, etc. Obviously there are a lot of very skilled helicopter pilots who have had experience flying in low-visibility in the Dolomites. On their sofas.

My favourite part of The Last Dance was the 50 times Michael Jordan said ‘… and I took that personally’ about various players/coaches/scenarios so this really tickled me.

The last word

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