Tweets of the Week 2021 : The hype, the hubris, the WTF?

It was a strange week in cycling – namely because one didn’t know what to expect at the start of each stage of the Tour de Romandie. But apparently, it’s like the Tour de France … [right, sure, yeah]. We also have a sneak preview of what the Worlds 2025 might look like with the Tour de Rwanda. And we collect the Giro startlists and team tweets as they talk all big and bad. 

The weird world of #TDR2021

This must surely be the first time winning the Tour de Romandie (bless its heart) has been compared to winning the Tour de France. That must have been some long dry spell …

Amy E White with the tuff love for Vivz 

The mystery of Romandie – what’s with the handwritten numbers?

The Tour of Rwanda

With the UCI championships to be played out on the continent of Africa in 2025, Rwanda has been mentioned as a possible host. With the racing going on this week, we might get a sneak preview of what might be in 2025.

The Giro

It’s official: it’s a wide open race this year and we’re hoping it will be right up to the penultimate day. The start lists are starting to come through … here’s what we know so far.

Especially for Luke

>side eyes<

Especially for Midge

The Gruppetto

When Peter was a pup

In case you or someone you know can help out.

The last word

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