Tweets of the Week 2021 : Tufty-haired triumphs!

It was Ardennes week – with a LouLou-lovin’ Fleche Wallonne on Wednesday and a first Monument for Pogs. We also have Spot the Difference with the Yates Brothers, cocky kids doing stuff in races, a Wanty Wunderkind, and Marcel Kittel living his best life

Pogs takes his Monument

The photofinish

I’m actually a little scared to mention photofinishes after Amstel (for the record: Draw as many red lines as you want on the picture, Wout won that one), but luckily this was a bit more straightforward.

The World Champion might not have won LBL but …

he won Fleche Wallonne on Wednesday

But I’m not sure it was one of the most exciting victories in history.

Really interesting insight from Dan Martin

Vliegen the Valiant

Don’t get cocky, kids

The Gap

Style and details

This looks great – and it’s heartening to see Fabio Aru with such a big smile on his face.

Stupid sunnies.

Yates or Yates? That was the question

For Sadhbh, it’s all about the details.

And the glory of the win!

Marcel without regrets

Just after the Tour of Turkey, there was a tweet about how Marcel Kittel must be jealous of Cav‘s resurgence (he isn’t) and then a tone-deaf, insulting comment on Eurosport about why Kittel retired. Andy McGrath had the last word on that one …

The last word

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