Tweets of the Week: Dream teams, GPs with ham and racing on the hoods

The Twitterstream is teeming – TEEMING, I say – with controversy, laughs, gifs of distinction, and good-natured teasing. Why? Because the 2021 cycling season is ON! And kickin’ up the dust.

Monument or no Monument

We have this conversation every year and every year it’s just as passionate as ever. Why? Because there is so much love for Strade Bianche – from riders and fans alike.

Um … no.

Name your superhero

Hoods or Drops

Sam Bennett took stage 1 of Paris-Nice with a virtuoso performance on the hoods. Well, that put the cat amongst the pigeons!

All the winners

A little more Stradeness for you …

More about Sam – now, who could have been the Irish rider in the leader’s jersey 31 years ago? Hmmmm … can you do the calculations?

GPs with ham


Happiness is …

… the spring of Mark Cavendish

Let us sing a song of Adam Blythe

Why we love Adam on comms. Also, when he talks about what’s going on in the peloton, he actually knows.

Whoever did the captions should get a mortadella ham of their own.

Who knew that Brian Cookson had a sense of humour?

Love this.

And the man loves echelons. It’s going to be a fun season!


The gruppetto

PhilGil had a fair chunk of Stage 1 of Paris-Nice in the break. Yep, he’s getting ready.

This is our favourite part of big races as well. It’s the only way I can keep doing Tweets of the Week for 9 years.

Have to make sure Belinda‘s represented, as she gives such good gif!

The last word

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