Tweets of the Week 2021 : Big Tam Moments

Coming out of hibernation this week, our first Tweets of the Week for 2021 is all about Tom Dumoulin. His decision to take a step back from cycling, the reaction of fans and teammates to the announcement, then a section to celebrate the powerhouse, from his Argonaut days to maximum Jumboness, including possibly the most seductively shot video about time trialling ever made.

What a difference a day makes

Last Friday, Tom Dumoulin was talking about his race calendar.

The next day, he made this announcement.

While it was an unexpected announcement, it wasn’t a shocking one. Anyone who has been watching Tom during the lockdown season could see that he wasn’t the rider we were used to, but we hoped that he was able to remedy what was wrong and come back stronger. It takes guts to say that the thing you loved and the career you built isn’t giving you what you need anymore and the best thing to do is to take a complete break to assess the situation and find the way forward. His honesty around what he needs to do got a very positive reaction from fans and colleagues a like.

Of course, Marcel Kittel could completely identify with the struggles that Tom has been going through

Big Tam Moments

When Tom was an Argonaut …

He did look really good in pink

Winning the prologue in his World Champion TT skinsuit (don’t be fooled by the Froome shot – Tom did win)

And the most seductively shot video of Tom’s career, especially for Euan and Panache.

The last word


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    • Thank you so much – so glad you like it! We’ll be back full strength when the season starts (at some point). We can’t wait – not just to watch great races but to talk to other cycling fans on Twitter during the races. 🙂

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