Tour Tweets of the Week : A Sunweb of love, Wout and not Wout, Umlauts a go-go

It’s a cornucopia of views, jokes, opinions and photos of the Tour de France as seen on Twitter. We have songs! We have punctuation jokes! We have Thomas De Gendt‘s legs for sale! Read all about it!

Bernal’s burden

I found it rather difficult to watch Egan Bernal struggle, particularly on Sunday when he lost over 7min, because I think he’s been hyped up to be this incredible rider and yet he hasn’t matured yet to carry the Tour de France leadership. Especially for a team who has won it pretty much for the last 150 years it seems. Quite a burden to shoulder.

I suspect Wesley meant ‘morale’

Musical interlude

A song for you, courtesy of Midge and Euan.

Guys in cars shouting stuff

A new Netflix original?

When you’re Wout

He’s stronger than you. And has better hair.

Sometimes body language can do the talking if a conversation can’t be had.

During Sunday’s stage, WVA took to the front and the winnowing began in earnest.

Then once he peeled off to let the rest of the Jumbo Bees do a turn, he found his way back to … Bernal and Kwiatkowski. And followed them to the finish line.

And when you’re not

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for a lot of riders this Tour.

What’s been missing this Tour is the sight of Thomas De Gendt in the break, every single day! I don’t remember in the break at all this Tour (although I could be wrong). As usual, he gives good tweet about it.

It isn’t easy being green


Sunweb’s days in the … sun

The Gruppetto

Mick Jagger is third … it’s like we’re in a time machine that works for some people and not others.


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Full tilt.

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Dance off the mountain. Like that much better.

The gruppetto – literally. But my, someone’s been on a philosophy course from the way these tweets were written.

We even have punctuation jokes! YEAH!

The last word

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