Tweets of the Week 2020 : GT dreaming, Quarantine hair and more goats!

We have tiny riders, virtual riders, contractual riders specifying *no brown M&Ms*! Okay, one of those is a lie … We’re checking in on the pastoral idyll that is Thibaut Pinot‘s farm (baby goats and not so baby goats!), take a trip in Mr Peabody’s Wayback Machine (including the hot pink of T-Mobile), quarantine stories and some cycling calendar speculation (because that’s all it can be at the moment). Yes, it’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK (well, Tweets of the Fortnight to get technical, but it’s not nearly as catchy) … Enjoy!

Little riders big dreams

Caspar Cavendish. Jot down that name and be ready to see that kid on the Champs in about 20-some years.

Some guys never outgrow their first bike. 🙂

La vie à la ferme

This is becoming a fixture now – and why not? The goats are cute, the humans are good-looking … The joy of Thibaut Pinot‘s farm life.

Have you ever seen anyone as happy to be in lockdown as Thibaut Pinot?

Just have to include this …

No goats here, but there are some cute dogs, courtesy of Trek.

Which is which?

Quarantine tips

A lovely message from Fernando Gaviria, who is recovering well from Covid-19.

The soft thud that you heard was our Midge swooning and falling onto her Victorian fainting couch.

The contrast between this tweet and the next one is striking.

Emils is virtual racing with his family cheering him on – he even has someone to hand him a gel!

While Alaphilippe rides with only the company of a giant blue and white barrel. Fine bit of product placement – as is the nonchalant sunnies as headband and the really really nice floors. If you’ve been following our LouLou coverage, you will know the man has hardly any furniture in his flat – but he does have a giant bunny costume and plenty of room to dance …

Let’s talk about dates

The speculation continues. Will there be a season? If so, how many big giant humungous races can you pull out of order (check the Ardennes schedule) and awkwardly overlap?

Let’s face it – Barry the St Bernard is no Lupo Wolfie.

A little Lupo testing out his voice …

In the wayback machine

Did the guy behind Andy Schleck know something well before we did? That face masks were going to be all the rage in 2020?

My eyes! My eyes!

Two guys and a pineapple.

The Gruppetto


When Peter was a pup

If I were the bolt and got that laser-like stare, I would be frightened

The last word

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