Tweets of the Week 2020 : Farm life, #Lockdown laps (and lapses) and crazy dreams

Time in lockdown just seems to go fast, slow, stop, start. Here we go back in history, we look into the future, and just generally find Tweets to cheer us up, including life on the farm with Thibaut Pinot (goats), Guillaume Martin (donkeys … and some masonry work), and Yves Lampaert on a giant tractor. Also featured: Rohan Dennis takes the car out for a spin (and will probably get fined) while Geraint Thomas makes the most of his garage (and raises serious cash for the NHS). Settle back and enjoy!

Missing you

We’re in Doctor Peabody’s Wayback Machine to kick off this fortnight’s Tweets of the Week …

And now, some little kids on bikes!

And a Lego dream project REALISED

Ummmm … are you sure that’s a good idea?

The whole world seems to be spouting some pretty crazy ideas. Self-administered doping tests. Yep, that’ll work …

L’Equipe must have a crystal ball as they seem pretty confident that the Tour can be held at the end of the summer.

And some pretty iffy nutritional ideas here …

Don’t break lockdown … just don’t.

So this happened. I think the guy had a point – if you’re going to break lockdown but don’t want to hear what people have to say about it, then don’t post it up on social media. Latest word from the cycling press – the Spanish authorities are looking into fining Rohan Dennis. He’s wisely deleted his Instagram account.

Riding for a good cause

Meanwhile, Geraint Thomas took to his garage to ride for 36 hours to raise money for NHS charities. At the time of writing, his JustGiving page had a tally of just under £360k.

Imagine getting your shopping delivered by one of the fastest men in the peloton!

Animal Stories

Of course, this has to start off with Thibaut Pinot and Kim Goat. This instagram feed always cheers me up.

Not sure if you all remember the story of Pinot collecting stray kittens and finding them homes – often, riding with them tucked in his cycling jersey for delivery to their new home … Well, this is the donkey/lamb version of that …

‘I am also doing a little masonry work …’

Hopefully NYVelocity has seen this – now *that’s* a tractor. My God, this takes me back to Midwestern summers when I was young.

Nothing whatsoever to do with cycling but I thought it was still worth putting in here.

Joe Wicks, eat your heart out! LouLou as the dancing Easter Bunny. What is worrying is that he would have had the bunny onesie *before* lockdown. The mind boggles …

Again, no cycling connection but it’ll cheer you up!

The Gruppetto

Panache‘s mom has been at the sewing machine again

The Movistar doc just keeps on giving.

A little Bora break …

The last word

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