Tweets of the Week 2020 : Ronde van Vlockdown, gambolling goats and quarantine gruppetto

It’s been awhile – apologies! To reward your patience, I’ve scoured the timelines from the past couple weeks and fashioned a self-isolating version of TWEETS OF THE WEEK! And we have BABY GOATS! Dive in and forget your troubles for a little bit …

The Ronde van Vlockdown

So this is a thing now. I must admit, I did not watch it but I do love the spirit of it all.

And he won!

Self-interview with the winner

Oliver Naesen took second from his underground nuclear bunker.

While Nico Roche took third, then went out to get an ice cream. Staying well away from others.

They lined up in their garages, their spare rooms …

In fact, virtual racing is the new golf!

of course we can’t forget the Tour de Quarantine!

And a word from a legend

Some Ronde road reminiscences

This one broke my heart … oh Fabs

Here’s Fabs as a tweenie


Lockdown journals

It’s all about the sourdough …

[As far as we know, Olga is not Rasmus’s girlfriend … but the tweet fit so nicely]

Thomas De Gendt‘s lockdown journal is about pancakes. Well, some of it is.

As schools have been closed down, Andrea had time to do a little 60 second Q&A for QuickStep.

Davide Martinelli is doing a wonderful thing.

Now *this* is how you get motivated! We should all have Marc Madiot screaming at us to Allez!

After watching the Movistar documentary on Netflix this week (listen to our podcast review – we LOVED it!), this does not surprise us!

And speaking of that documentary …

When you’re desperate for cycling, *anything* looks like a stage profile.

Goats! Baby Goats! And Thibaut! Tender-hearted Thibaut!

We love Thibaut Pinot and Thibaut loves the little baby goats on his farm, therefore we love little baby goats everywhere.

You can’t give a baby goat booze!

Kim Goat in a paddle pool!

Goats have, in fact, taking over the lockdown world – make sure you have a look at this entire thread …

The Quarantined Gruppetto

Panache‘s mom, Victoria, drily remarked on the Instagram version of this post that ‘you gave me the fabric to do it’. (BTW, the whole of Panache’s family – parents, siblings, kids, everyone – are truly some of the finest people you could ever hope to meet.) Chris, we miss you at VeloVoices Towers.

Looks about right – I like the fact that it’s swearing. Must be taking its cue from Andrey Amador in that Movistar doc.

Jumbo, I told you that announcing your team in December was just jinxing the whole thing – now look what you’ve done!

The safest way to have a bike race!


Definitely worth an afternoon or two of reading …

Our lovely Luke’s superpower is an inclusive power

The thrill of finding a cycling question on a game show. The thrill is real, people.

Cav speaking up about his depression will hopefully help others struggling with depression to talk about it. Chapeau, Mark.

The last word


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