Tweets of the Week 2020 : Farm life, #Lockdown laps (and lapses) and crazy dreams

Time in lockdown just seems to go fast, slow, stop, start. Here we go back in history, we look into the future, and just generally find Tweets to cheer us up, including life on the farm with Thibaut Pinot (goats), Guillaume Martin (donkeys … and some masonry work), and Yves Lampaert on a giant tractor. Also featured: Rohan Dennis takes the car out for a spin (and will probably get fined) while Geraint Thomas makes the most of his garage (and raises serious cash for the NHS). Settle back and enjoy!

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VeloVoices Podcast 154: Vamos… venga… oh *$%@! – Movistar and more

Ignoring all invites to Zoom parties and family quizzes, Kathi, Midge, Luke and Euan gather round the table to discuss the latest in the cycling world.

Can the Tour de France really happen without fans?

What did we all think of the Movistar documentary on Netflix? (spoiler: we LOVED it!)

And, if there is some limited racing later this year, what would the dream racing calendar look like?

And Midge mentioned how much she loved the theme song of the Movistar doc. Listen to it here:

Listen here: