Tweets of the Week 2020 : Cobbley goodness, bad behaviour and quarantine stories

It was the start of the Spring Classics and we were afroth with excitement. We had a cat-and-mouse ending for Omloop and a break that made it in KBK. The UAE race got cancelled to go into quarantine (and we still don’t know what’s happening there!). More bad behaviour from Moscon and Oleg is under house arrest (yes, seriously). It’s all here – ALL HERE – on Tweets of the WEEEEEEEK

Spring Classics have sprung!

It’s when you see Barbie without gloves that you know all is right in the world!

A new chapter for the VeloVoices Investigates series of mysteries

Echelons! Echelons! Echelons! They make our hearts sing!

I love the cobbles SO MUCH

I hope he keeps this up this season – it could get exciting!

Tim Declercq was definitely my rider of the race for Omloop – although I absolutely loved the fact that Jasper Stuyven won.

… yet we saw hide nor hair of them.

I love the optimism in this tweet

When you can’t be there in person …

When you have an Omloop, you have a KBK – and it was an exciting finish with Kasper Asgreen holding off a chasing peloton to take a fabulous win.

Holding on … holding on … holding on …

And how was it for you? Kasper doesn’t mince his words!

In other races

Remi’s quick wits wins the race

You don’t often see Simon Clarke, Warren Barguil and Vincenzo Nibali on the same podium.

When in lockdown …

We might very well see a fair amount of this …

So many conflicting reports

This doesn’t bode well

Moscon keepin’ it classy

I just can’t even …

I’ll just leave this here

The Gruppetto

Thomas De Gendt would say this with a completely straight face

How much do I wish these were dubbed into English and shown over here?

Andre on the mend

as is Matteo Moschetti 


Let me help you with that, Niki

A little spritz for Adam Hansen 

We will probably hear this a lot this year

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then you’d have to chip the ice off this …


To name or not to name …

Carrots are BACK

You don’t see crowds like this on the roadside of the desert races …

Seriously? Complaints?

The last word

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