Tweets of the Week 2020: All the wins, great gifs, and Sunweb games

We had lots of racing last week, which meant lots of winners! We also continue to build our planned VeloVoices TV detective series with a new location (Kaden Groves); games with Sunweb, Ag2r giving good gif and much much more. Yes, it’s Tweets of the WEEEEEEEEK

All the wins

I think this is the most we’ve seen of Sunweb in over a year! My question, however, is Jai pronounced like ‘high’ as in jai alai or ‘Jay’ as in … blue. In any case, Kaden Groves is certainly the name of the park near Ruben Plaza where Tosh van der Sande, Private Investigator, has his office.

Hopefully the pronunciation police will set us straight

How many races do we think Tadej Pogacar is going to win this season? And how many grand tour podiums?

It was a super steep finish for the queen stage at Valenciana, with the final few kilometres tipping past 20 per cent in places. (We’re happy to report that Stijn Steels did finish …) Hey, Stijn Steels could be the car hire firm in our detective series!

Still not so sure about Bahrain’s kit. Looks like they’re trying to give Movistar a run for their money in the team classification this year.

Nacer Bouhanni makes us all sit up and wonder …

Now *this* is something we are really happy to see

Good manners, as displayed by Fabio Jakobsen 

Apparently Fabio’s win was all about the Valencia-squats

‘I was in the perfect position – except for the closeness …’

Emptying the tank

The Gruppetto

#OnTheSofa from Sunweb – as long as that excruciating Sky v GreenEdge pick-up-sticks nonsense from a few years ago never gets resurrected.

Caps not hats

Oh this is really bad news. It had looked like Matteo Moschetti was off to a great start of the season with 2 victories in Challenge Mallorca. But seems he’s fractured his pelvis and a dislocated right femur. If that doesn’t make you curl up in pain just thinking about it … He’s gone in for surgery and the doctor said: ‘Any assessment of recovery time will be made only after the operation. What is certain, unfortunately, is that it will not be short’ 

Hand on heart, I thought this was Pippo Pozzato when I first saw it but then I thought, ‘can’t be – he has too many clothes on’

Hands down, the BEST cycling team gif EVER

I would love for Michal Kwiatkowski to get his racing mojo back and do something interesting this season. He used to be such so exciting to watch …

GVA looks downright cheerful – not often an expression we see on him. I am looking forward to seeing what he is going to do in the Classics this spring.

Dreams of Milan-SanRemo. Hopefully PhilGil‘s dreams come true this year.

Oh happy day

While Peter Sagan makes young fans’ dreams come true at every race.

Gianni Savio might have been auditioning for the Talking Heads revival tour

Chapeau Ella!

And what that looks like in real life

The last word



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