Tweets of the Week 2020: CX muddy magic, trophies for tots, farewell Kiri

It’s been a hectic week of racing and the Twitterstream has been teeming with tweets to move and amuse us. It also had some news that made us breathe a heavy sigh, the subjects of which we will address in our podcasts throughout the season. However, Tweets of the Week is about joy and laughter and little kids meeting their heroes and stories that make us love cycling, no matter what disappointments come down the road. Enjoy!

Giving absolutely everything

The women’s cross championships had an amazing finish with Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado taking her chance to take the top spot on the Dutch 1-2-3.

Meanwhile, in the men’s CX

Mathieu van der Poel went hell for leather from the get-go … and the field never saw him again until he collected his rainbow jersey.

But new kid on the podium (at least the men’s elite podium) was Tom Pidcock, who took a surprise second.

In the Junior race, it was Thibau Nys who took the rainbow jersey. Wonderfully overcome with emotion.

And when Thibau was a tiny tot

Hand me the razor, ma, I’m meetin’ the QuickStep boys

Everybody’s got a hairy heart, lay down your money and you play your part … everybody’s got a hair-hair-hairy heart …



And I think this is utter perfection as well. You might have seen this in our Final KMs last week, but it’s too good not to include here. What a wonderful gesture. Matteo Moschetti – I’m a fan for life now.


It’s a real shame that Vasil Kiryienka couldn’t retire on his own terms but I’m glad to see that he took the medical advice seriously. We hope he has a long and fulfilling retirement.

Possibly the only four photographs ever taken of Kiri looking thrilled.

While FDJ have their own way of showing their appreciation for the Robocop Prince (hmmm, not sure if that nickname is going to stick …)

The Gruppetto


So who is going to ride the Tour of Oman this year, I wonder?

Food for thought …


Snake-hipped …

When your boyhood dreams come true!

Winning for a reason

You gotta be in it to win it, Fernando …

Gavs seems to be dreaming a lot at the start of the season. I hope this one comes true.

Meanwhile, MvdP makes plans …

I still find it hard to recognise Peter Sagan without the rainbow stripes

This really made me laugh.

The last word

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