Tweets of the Week 2020: Bedhead snaps, Degs sector, riding with champions

Oh it was a predictable week with some pretty unpredictable aspects. We have cobbley goodness, thanks to the Mighty Degs; Bedhead’s new career; results on Willunga Hill; Lumberjacks! Dead Parrots! What are we on? FIRE, people! We are ON FIRE in this week’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK

Bedhead snaps!

You have to love Bedhead Bardet. Quiet, unassuming photographer to the stars.

Roubaix honours

Strade Bianche names a white sector for any rider who wins this beautiful race three times (so far only Fabian Cancellara has done that). And now Roubaix has named a sector of cobbles after the Mighty Degs, but for a very different (and fabulous) reason. Gotta love it!

Riding with Lance?

The latest in the long long long story of Lance Armstrong. You can spend a week riding with him and George Hincapie for the knock-down drag-out price of $30,000. It took only seconds for the counter-offers came in thick and fast!

This might be the winner

Riding with Champions!

Meanwhile, some lucky young guns got to ride with Fernando Gaviria and Max Richeze in San Juan. For free! FREE, I say! Can you imagine what it must have meant to those kids?

We do love gestures of sportsmanship in cycling – riders who are gracious whether they take the sprint or come in second.

And we love this too.

Peter Sagan might have been quiet last year (compared to other years) but he is still blazing through the hearts of fans, particularly tiny fans. Just love these two tweets so much

The Richie and Impey Show

I get excited about Tour Down Under because it means Strade Bianche, Milan SR, Spring Classics are on their way, but the race itself? Not so much. Mainly because there really aren’t any surprises. Richie Porte does well here, there’s talk of how magnificent his season will be (need I go on?). Caleb Ewan wins sprints and there’s talk about how magnificent his season will be (and sometimes that’s true). And then Darryl Impey goes into the ochre jersey and … there’s no talk about how magnificent his season will be as we never hear about it again all season and no one is even pretending that we will.

Class tweet from Trek

But hot damn – Richie did *not*, I repeat *did not*! win on Willunga Hill. Surely the sign of the end of days, right? But maybe our catastrophic and/or dystopian future is not quite upon us yet (read The Death of Grass for the horror of it all), as Richie might have lost on Willunga but own the overall TDU. On a brighter note, looks like Lukas can foresee the future!

‘in a way, they [Mitchelton Scott] lost’ … in a way? They lost. ‘no, they were resting’ ‘Resting! They lost!’. ‘No, they were stunned!’ ‘They were pining for the fjords…’

It really has been awhile

Well, somebody’s got to entertain the crowd!

The Gruppetto


Looks like Etoile de Besseges is going to be a fabulous race this year.

Dance dance DANCE!

it’s definitely a thing now

And we have a fine jersey to go with it. Shall we all sing together? ‘Oooooooh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay, I sleep all night and I work all day

And while we’re in the wilderness, it’s the Dolly Parton Challenge! Mitchelton-Scott, we salute you!

All the jerseys

Our beloved Panache

Our beloved Luke

“If we’re able to solve this, we can count that as a victory and we can have a beer”

totally gorgeous …

Look who’s got his mojo back … yeah baby!

Surprising no one nowhere

Oh lordy, this is beautiful

We can trust no one

The last word

Be more Terry

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