Tweets of the Week 2020: Happy new year, happy new jerseys!

After a little bit of a holiday after the end of the 2019 season, we’re back with the first TWEETS OF THE WEEK 2020! We have new jerseys, controversial statements, tiny tot cycling fans … oh and so much more. Dive in!

All the pretty jerseys

Lean mean Monument machine …

Nacer Bouhanni could have just brought his Cofidis jerseys and a white magic marker to Arkea. No one would have known the difference. Happiest I’ve ever seen Nairo Quintana, however.

However, looks like Cofidis aren’t going to need his jerseys back … How GREAT is that Euro-championship jersey? Gorgeous!!

Well, Alpecin has certainly made their mark on these jerseys. It’s basically the shampoo bottle design.

I suspect we will see this jersey at the front of the pack on a whole lotta sprint stages this year.

Many a mancrush on this guy at VeloVoices Towers

Twitter is divided on this jersey colour combination. I’m not wild about it myself, but they’ll be easy to spot in the peloton.

Will the new team finally be the right fit for Mikel Landa? When he’s on song, he’s brilliant – let’s hope he’s singing loud and proud this season.


In total agreement with JournalVelo on this one

PhilGil already not taking any crap from people talking trash about his (new) teammates.

Not sure about this one. I still think they shouldn’t have neutralised Froome‘s losses for a crash that wasn’t caused intentionally. That’s racing – you’re on the road, shit happens.

Totally agree with this from Panache though

And speaking of Milan SanRemo, where would we be without Inner Ring? And if Michael Valgren‘s dad says the Poggio is okay to ride, who are we to argue?

Luke throwing down the controversy gauntlet. Dan Wuori having none of it!

Where has the time gone? Last season seems so far away from 2010 …

Say what now?

Jumbo by name, jumbo by nature

Perhaps Jumbo was maximally optimised, like Bora?

This is really batshit Vuelta crazy … racing on a pontoon?

ooooooh, saucy!


The Gruppetto

I really cannot get enough of tiny cycling fans looking thrilled!

Love this

Love this too!

Very interesting stats … and a fine response from Thomas De Gendt to his ‘most racedays’

Great picture – sums up that day at the Giro!

So *that’s* where Movistar got their ideas! #ThreeProngAttack

Hard at work for sponsors

It’s farewell from Conor – always to be remembered for the No Go Tour with Larry Warbasse. Turning lemons into lemonade …

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I've been pretty quiet on my plans for next year, enjoying some time with my family and taking a break from everything. Next year I'll be hanging up the race wheels for good. Racing bikes was an adventure I'll never forget, that I shared with so many incredible people. It's hard to say goodbye to something that has motivated/driven me for so long but now felt like the right time to put my energy into a new challenge and I'm so excited about what comes next. I'm proud of what I managed within the sport, most of the time I got an absolute kicking but every now and then I managed to win the odd race with myself and I feel I always gave all I had in the process . However it wasn't the races or results that I'll look back on (not that I have many results to look back on 😂).. but its the people, places, experiences that will stay with me. Most important of all however, without cycling, I'd have never bumped into the most amazing girl I've ever met in my life and for this I'll be eternally grateful above all else. I'd like to say a massive massive thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, your support meant everything to me 🙏🚲 Yours in porridge, Conor x

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