VeloVoices Awards 2019: Best Hair, Tattoos or Facial Adornment

One of the most coveted awards … last year’s winner was D’Artagnan himself, Julian Alaphilippe. However, this year, it seems that a few of our VeloVoices have taken the category title to mean smiles are included. Being a live-and-let-live kind of editor, I’m thinking, yeah okay …

Voting ends on 14 December 2019 at 11.59PM, GMT. If you think there’s someone who should be on the list, there’s a write-in option on the poll at the bottom of the post! 

Peter Sagan

Sheree: Best hair and beard, shame about the tatts! Peter has treated us to a variety of hairstyles over the years and there’s no denying he has a great head of hair but as he heads towards maturity as a rider I feel that he’s found his look.

Jakob Fuglsang

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Luke: If being Danish isn’t attractive enough — we know it is for some of us — then look no further than into the face of Jakob Fuglsang. With a smile that shines brighter than the stars and hair so perfectly quaffed, it’s a mystery why Jakob is so underrated in this category.

Floortje Mackaij

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Lukas: No explanation needed – just look at those corkscrew curls …

Julian Alaphilippe

Kathi: Returning champion in the best hair category – he has the hair, the goatee, probably some tattoos – and a cheeky wink and smile

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig

Midge: It goes without saying that Cecile is kickass on the bike and an inspiration to everyone. But I swear her smile is the most infectious thing. It’s downright impossible not to find yourself grinning in response to this pocket of sunshine.

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