Tweets of the Week : That Boy Phinney, Classics legends, and Danish orientation

Coming to the end of the season, the Twitterstream runs a little slower. Until news such as Taylor Phinney retiring comes through. Then it starts moving fast again. We also have a couple of Classics legends, the Tour de France 2020 course and a lovely wedding picture of Mr and Mrs Michal Kwiatkowski

That Boy Phinney

It probably didn’t come as much of a surprise to cycling fans, but Taylor Phinney announced his retirement last week. He was a rider who burned brightly early on, both in the peloton and with the fans, but then he suffered that horrific crash in the US national championships in 2014. It took him over a year to go through rehabilitation and come back to the peloton, but he never has been the same rider since. It truly was a life-changing event – for him physically but also mentally, as a big part of his recovery was through creating art.

While a lot of the commentary around his retirement made it sound like he had passed away (Cycling Weekly and VeloNews, I’m looking at you!), there were plenty of people who shared some of their favourite Phinney moments.

That Boy Phinney featured in many Tweets of the Week before the 2014 crash, but none of them got as much reaction as our Special Tweets of the Week when he came back to the peloton. It’s been one of our most popular posts ever.

I love this picture – but I have no idea what ‘cutting your town template’ means

Personally, I think this is my favourite tweet about Taylor


This gives Velo love a new definition

Tour de France 2020 route

It might be a real spectacle but what we really want to know is this: is it a LouLou of a parcours?

No Alpe, no Galibier, no Tourmalet … but a cracker of a Colombier stage.

We’re so hoping Thibaut Pinot gets his mojo back for the 2020 TdF – we need some magnficient pedal-stomping!

Already the speculation : who will be Ineos leader? Who will be the super domestique? And already there are conflicting answers

Um, Chris, you might want to have a look at what Egan said here …

The making of a Classics man

If you’re not ready to retire, you need to figure out a new way to win.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of Classics legends. Two who have already retired …

… and one who just keeps on going (and winning)

The Gruppetto

Michal Kwiatkowski might not have had a particularly sterling season but no doubt this makes up for it. Congratulations to the couple and may they have a long and happy life together.

It only takes a fist bump

This concept strikes fear in my heart. You could never unsee that …

Oh, the olden days …

Didn’t Albert Einstein say that riding his bike helped him think? Bikes win Nobel Prizes!

Interesting stats …

This is going to run and run

The last word

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