Tweets of the Week: Rainbows and tears at the Worlds

The Worlds was a ride through hell to the rainbows as the men did in Sunday’s road race – if hell were dictated by rainfall. It was full of controversy, some amazing rides and we’ve got a lot of youngsters coming into their own. And they’re only going to get better and better as the years go by. Pull on your sou’wester and jump into the Twitterstream!

It’s a Mads world

And he’s thrown down the gauntlet for the next year at least

And a little advice on what makes for a good life

We’re going to hold you to your promise, Matt. *No white shorts!*

Trek means business, stocking up the team with the cream of a young crop

When Mads was a pup

A big day for Danes

In cycling, the individual wins, but it’s an effort that has been shared by many.

Ahem, he was not the first Danish world champion … only the first male Danish world champion

It’s either genius or downright crazy …

How the race was won – in the most astonishing way

For Annemiek van Vleuten it was definitely genius! Taking off with over 100km to race … and staying out the whole time.

A little DQ humour from the fans, of course!

How did everyone else fare?

It was a grim, grim day for the men on Sunday. Torrential rain pretty much all day and even with a whole section of the course shaved off because of mud, rain, danger, it still must have felt like 1000km …

When MDVP took off out of a drenched peloton as the race got to the business end, everyone thought they’d seen the winning move. But, you know what, it’s almost never that simple …

It can happen to anyone … the legs just can’t take any more.

Certainly, the lack of pictures for a lot of the race, due to rain, set the commentators scrambling

Abandonments abounded

oh dear …

Those white jerseys didn’t fare very well in the pouring rain. But we love them!

Quite simply, the stuff of nightmares …

In possibly the least surprising news of the week

And I really don’t know what this is all about …

During the time trials, Primoz Roglic (who wasn’t going to win the title) sprinted to the finish with Rohan Dennis (who took the title).

THE most surprising tweet EVER

The riders might have been soaked and abandoning with …well, abandon, but the fans still had heart (must have been the wet weather gear).

Meanwhile, on Monday, Yorkshire took to trolling cycling fans everywhere

When heartbreak rules the day

You win some, you lose some … sometimes the same thing within an hour. Whatever you might think of the UCI’s ruling on Nils Eekhoff’s DQ, you have to feel for the guy when you see a picture like this

And if that didn’t make you cry, try to get through this without getting something in your eye and the possibility of a cold because, well, your nose is running …

From young’uns who have the chance to do it all again another year, this is what it’s like when you think it is probably the last chance you have to regain the rainbow …

But blossoming in the rain was a new, fine bromance

But damn, that Philippe Gilbert is just *such* a legend.

Bikes change lives

They really do, and we have three great examples

The Gruppetto

Mistaken identity at its most disturbing

Oh God no … (although to be fair, his hard work on the front of the peloton probably won’t be constantly in vain).

The last word

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