Vuelta Tweets of the Week : Trash talk, bromance and farewell for another year

The final week of the Vuelta was crazier than a crazy thing from Crazy Town. But that makes for a particularly good Tweets of the Week. We have it all – just like Bogie and Bacall … or should I say Knox and Gilbert, the bromance of the Vuelta. We also have attackers, some serious trash talk, winners, podiums …

It was one for all and all for Knox

It was a bromance to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. PhilGil looking after young James Knox, who had his share of knocks in the previous stage and was riding just to make it to the finish on time. Nothing fancier than that.

But before PhilGil went into mentor mode on Stage 19, he won his second stage in this year’s Vuelta on Stage 17 – the fastest stage ever ridden. Anywhere. In history.

But QuickStep weren’t finished just yet. They only went and won the final stage in Madrid with Fabio Jakobsen, proving that they’re ready for a team with Elia Viviani in 2020.

Remi Cavagna is going to have to practice opening the cava without turning it into a fountain. I suspect there will be many more of these celebrations – remember, twist the bottle, not the cork.

Winners celebrating winning

It was that young’un Tadej Pogacar who lit up the final mountain stage. A worthy rider to be on the final podium.

Is it just me or does this look like Primoz Roglic has never, in his life, opened a bottle of bubbly? He’s handling it like it’s a poisonous snake!

Geoffrey Bouchard might have been the second Ag2r rider to win a grand tour KOM jersey – but the team certainly hasn’t learned that the all-pox all-the-time kit is just … well …

The all important team classification. This is a title that Movistar has won in each grand tour this summer. A record.

Trash Talk

Miguel Angel Lopez was pretty pissed off about Movistar taking the opportunity of his and Roglic’s crash to go full gas. (When even Sean Kelly says that that particular Movistar tactic wasn’t a good idea, you know you’re well in the wrong.)

Translation of tweet below: “Movistar’s actions are the same stupid people who take advantage of these things to take advantage. They always have the same excuse, the same fools that attack.” Miguel Angel Lopéz

Translation: “Let’s see if they win a day by attacking a front-facing race. It was disrespectful with the red jersey, it’s not the first time.”

But then they made their peace … or did they?

Having codified rules about such tactics isn’t really going to work. But the peloton does have a way of meting out their own form of justice.

Coming attractions

The Gruppetto

Our crush on Orla has just grown and grown throughout the summer. Where will we be without her?

Thomas De Gendt hangs up his wheels for the season – after riding all three grand tours.

And it’s farewell to Mark Renshaw, as he rides off into the sunset. But not before one of his children gives him a bidon in his last race. And then gets all shy with the hugs

The last word


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