Tour Tweets of the Week : This Tour has buckled its swash and it is BUZZING!

There’s nothing like a grand tour to bring the tweeters out in force. And the Tour *really* brings them out. So it’s a bumper crop of tweets from the weekend in Brussels! We have Jumbo Bees, LouLou in yellow, Bora livin’ large, Fuglsang medical report, The Curious Case of Mark Cavendish, GVA with the pox, French corner and much much more. It’s a GIGANTIC edition of TOUR TWEETS OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEK

The first yellow

The yellow and black of the JumboBees got a bit more yellow after the photofinish of stage 1 and the perfect hive mind of the team time trial. It’s a great result for a team that has been getting stronger and stronger over the past few years.


And Teunissen has kept the jersey for another day

There will be blood

And by stage 3, he was feeling better and better.

But maybe not THAT much better

The third yellow

Pretty much every cliche and pun under the sun in that thar tweet

You all know how I *love* Julian Alaphilippe. And you know how much I *love* it when riders get overcome with emotion when one of their dreams comes true. This bit of film – both at the same time!!!!!!


Where was I when this spectacular stage was won by the swashbuckler? I was on a conference call … that I don’t think I said more than two words on. While LouLou was winning! I need to find a career where I can just take grand tours off altogether. All three of them. Every year.


Sometimes, you really have to wonder about people – why would you steal from a charity? The yellow Qhubeka bike that was on display in Brussels was stolen. It was supposed to be auctioned off at the end of the Tour, along with three other bikes, in order to raise money for providing bikes for children in South Africa. Let’s hope it is found and it is able to fulfil its purpose in Paris.

Going slightly off subject, but this is why it was so lovely that Stephan Rossetto got most combative for stage 1

Anything for the pox!

Looks like the scene of an old-fashioned revival

I think we’re going to have to watch this pox jersey-bib combo quite closely as we go along.

See! What did I just say about keeping an eye on this??? Let’s hope it’s only for the TTT

Nice touch with the flowers

But there was a danger man for the mountains on stage 3

Tim Wellens took the pox from GVA on Monday stage … and then Thomas De Gendt took it from him during the dinner break.

The curious case of Cavendish

Was he in form? Was he not? Who made the decision to take him? Who overruled them? Lots of questions but only one thing so far has been established. Mark Cavendish was not selected to the Dimension Data Tour team. Lots of people talking about it – no one seems to have the same story. But it really isn’t the way you want to treat one of the sprinting legends of cycling – even if you weren’t going to take him, the team announcement should have paid tribute to him.

The person who came out of this the best? Mark Cavendish himself. Pure class.

Cav also paid tribute to his lead-out man, Mark Renshaw, who announced he would be retiring at the end of this season.

French corner

Ag2r didn’t do as well as FDJ in the TTT – not by a long shot. But this shot is really nice.

Bora livin’ large

Sagan acts quite nonchalant about winning, racing, the Tour, but he really wanted that first yellow jersey. I’d like more of the passionate response and less of the ‘who cares’ shrug that he sometimes gives.

What you can never accuse Sagan of, however, is being nonchalant with his young fans.


The Gruppetto

Predictions that can’t be predicted

I absolutely LOVE this prediction tweet

There is some serious wattage on that smile

When the Tour mingles with Wimbledon

Hmmm, with that look on his face, that quote sounds more like a threat than a goal.

Congrats to Jumbo-Visual! Hey, if there were an event that included hiking and reading books, I would be soooo up for that.

Some nice photos

I suspect we’ll have a lot of questions as to commentators’ commentary

Of course, there are some good reasons why we don’t see the commentators.

Bloody hell, Brad-on-a-bike (moto)

The Wolfpack Hall of Fame. Hmmm. Not sure about that name.

While I would have loved to see the Mighty Degs at the Tour, I’m glad that he’s enjoying his time off in July

Brad on a bike! ‘Flowerpots! There are flowerpots in the road!’

The last word

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