Giro Tweets of the Week: Box jumps, Biblical rain and a lurking Shark

It was the first full week of the Giro d’Italia and it was a strange ol’ race. Some super sprints, some riding in the rain and a shakeup in the GC before they’ve even gotten to a mountain … All ruminated over in the Twittersphere and plucked out for your reading pleasure … It’s the original, it’s the best, it’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK

When the weather gods get poked

It was the second of three time trials in this year’s Giro d’Italia, where Primoz Roglic made a mockery of my podcast prediction of the time trials not making as big a difference as usual because Yates is pretty good at them. Well, not so much …

Super sprints

Contemplate these words from Larry Warbasse: apparently Caleb Ewan ‘can box jump his own height’ Sqwaukadoodledoo …

The gorgeous maglia ciclamino is on the shoulders of Pascal Ackermann from Bora. And he’s wearing it well.

It wasn’t just the Giro that had sprints this week. The Jumbo bees buzzed through 4JDD

It ain’t over till it’s over

With Yates losing so much time in the TT, is the GC over? Has Roglic won? No. It’s not over and Roglic hasn’t won yet. But the GC danger probably isn’t going to come from Yates … Roglic is about to be riding in Shark-infested waters.

When Primoz was a pup

Meanwhile, there’s a Shark that is lurking …

So laid back he misses the start

Bikes change lives

I think anyone reading this column knows the freedom and joy riding a bike can give a person. And how much more for children who might struggle with an ordinary bike to be able to ride on bikes custom built to minimise those challenges and give kids the chance to feel that freedom, that independence, that joy.

And while we’re at it, let’s remind ourselves of the great work done by Qhubeka.

The Gruppetto

Everything is AWESOME!

Tractors = Power + Luxury

When you’re not quite drinking age, but you are champion …

I do wish the UCI commissaires would be consistent with applying the rules. 3km is 3km, no matter who is in the peloton.

I’ll just leave this here.

The last word

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