Tweets of the Week 2019 : Hula hoops, bad fonts and Elton John style

It’s the Tuesday before the weekend of the start of the 2019 Giro d’Italia. We’ve had a new team revealed, complete with ridiculous typography; we’ve had some creative team roster gifs, and it has been revealed that Elton John – yes Sir Reg himself – is a muse for those who are designing cycling kits. It’s a light-hearted edition of TWEETS OF THE WEEK!

Hula hoops and banana phones

We’re really loving how the teams have used creativity and personality in announcing their starting line-ups. Here are some for the Giro, some for TOC

Hell, let’s face it – Daniel Oss is pretty much a team unto himself.

Elton John : Cycling Fashion Icon

It’s uncanny …

The Ineos curse? Already?

Egan Bernal has a penchant for crashing – he’s had a few since turning pro. Which is a real shame as he is one of those young riders that are entertaining to watch as they light the touchpaper on big mountain climbs.

So are people really saying it’s good news that he broke his collarbone? Really?

It was the launch of the new kit (with the typography of someone who just learned how to use CoralDraw …) and a meet and greet with the new sponsor. And with a finger wag, this is what the news sponsor has said:

“We did our due diligence. I have absolutely no interest in cheating or drugs,” Ratcliffe told BBC Sport. “The day that any of that enters our world, weโ€™ll be exiting that world.”

Meanwhile, there’s a definite gap in the Giro race leadership for Team Ineos … they went from two leaders (Bernal / Moscon) to no leaders (injury / TBA )

The Gruppetto

Quick! Ready the Victorian fainting couches in the four corners of the Veloshire!

May the 4th – Bedhead has a way with the light sabers (not a euphemism)

It’s on its way – gotta love this miniature race.

And speaking of the Tour

It’s a break!

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille

Mr Imlach is perhaps not so ready for his close-up


Just a little Sylvain Chavanel for y’all

The last word

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