Tweets of the Week 2019: Farewell to the Classics

We finish the spring classics – ending it with a wonderful win by Midge-favourite Jakob Fuglsang. And for the 100th time this year, we have Julian Alaphilippe … plus all our favourite cycling fans quipping far and wide during races, late at night and on the go. And we’ve collected the best ones! Away we go!

Birdsong ♥ LouLou

For much of this spring season, Jakob Fuglsang has been the only rider who could keep up with Julian Alaphilippe. But he often was looking at the the wrong side of the LouLou wiggle when the finish line loomed. This weekend, however, the story had a different ending.

And here’s how he did it.

But you really can’t make this stuff up because Jakob’s wife’s name is … Loulou!

Fuglsang rode a brilliant race – but there was one heart-stopping moment when his back wheel decided to go in its own direction. Twitter went into meltdown.

Three is the magic number

In other LBL tweets …

Lies! Damn lies! Phil has been painted on that climb since the beginning of time!

It can’t be much fun riding in the rain and the cold – but it’s also impossible to figure out who is who when they’re in their black Castelli raincapes.

Two class riders – and friendly rivals, that’s for sure.

The wiggle done it

If Sunday was Fuglsang’s day, Wednesday was Alaphilippe’s day, bagging back-to-back Fleche Wallonne wins.

Riding immodestly, LouLou style!

That look … ‘what’s the matter with that guy?’

Quite a hefty haul of trophies for Quickstep over the past 16 years.

Damn right you should be clear about that, Neal!

Rumour mill … personally, I don’t see him going anywhere.

Or to translate the French: ‘not dead but very tired’

Rusty Ahab

Ben Stiller on Strava?

Whatever next. (Just another reason for me never to get involved with Strava. I am a total unfan of Ben Stiller …)

The Gruppetto

Lotto wins Gifs! By the way, Thomas De Gendt is going to be doing a Hansen this Grand Tour season by riding all three of the GTs

Funnily enough, I couldn’t find the film that Fabrizio is talking about – it’s no longer available. So from Fabs mouth to Sky’s ear …

PhilGil has a tell …

Another bat champs jersey for QuickStep – add Argentina to Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Denmark.


Shark talk

Great to have Cav back in the Twittersphere

It really does worry me when they go crazy while driving – I always think they’re probably just driving with their knees while they celebrate.

Not one victory salute … 1,000 victory salutes!

That’s it – this year, I’m all in for Panini

I’ll just leave this here

You really wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of this guy, now would you? (I’m still so charmed by his retirement from TDF podium-hurling duties to spend time with his grandson though …)

The last word

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