Tweets of the Week 2019 : Primavera Prosecco with added De Gendt

It was Milan-SanRemo weekend and holy moly it was a hell of a finish. We have Alaphilippe, Naesen and Kwiatkowski, reactions from those not on the podium, Sagan swinging a baseball bat, Degs dropping a chain … we also have a special report in from Volta a Catalunya involving the Breakaway King. Yes, it’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK

Sometimes winning is a solo effort

It is the Breakaway King and he now has (almost) all the jerseys in the Volta a Catalunya. Yes, Thomas De Gendt went away and a foolish peloton let him stay away. He’s now in the leader’s jersey

And sometimes winning takes a team

It might have been Julian Alaphilippe giving the victory salute at the finish line on Saturday’s Milan-SanRemo, but it took a team to get him there.

And it’s not just the riders who share in their teammate’s victory. It’s all the support staff as well.

I love this picture. I also love the fact that, even though Viviani must have wanted to be on that podium, he’s still happy for his teammate. I reckon this’ll make him hungrier

I wonder if this fact below is why, with all the wins that QuickStep have racked up already, each race feels like it’s been won in a different way – and a way that is a product of reading the race as it unfolds, not trying to force the race to adhere to team plans.

Victory tears are the best tears.

But the finish was a close run thing and it wasn’t until almost at the line that it was a sure thing. Naesen should be proud of this result – and he’ll be going into the cobbles with a lot of confidence.

‘No burgers for you!’

And of course, Kwiatkowski and Alaphilippe have been at the finish together before. This time, Kwiatkowski didn’t get the wheel over first.

Kwiatkowski looks like he got his revenge with a spritz of Prosecco

Is it too early to talk about LouLou’s Legacy?

LouLou is the strongest on the day but he also has the tactical nous and the patience to wait for that perfect moment. He never did more work than he needed to do at MSR and kept his cool in what must have been a nervewracking final kilometre. Quite reminiscent of Kwiatkowski in that respect – it will be great to see those two battle each other in years to come.

The Aftermath

Everyone dreams of a Monument win but only one can win it each year. One of these years, it’s going to be Peter Sagan on the  top step of the MSR podium – you can be sure of that.

The race takes a lot out of a guy

We really hope that the Mighty Degs gets himself onto a podium soon. We heart him.

So so close

Hmmm … ‘the Poggio killed our plan’ – surely Lotto Soudal DSs knew that the Poggio was going to be there?! But I do like the optical trick in this photograph of the bus’s wing mirror making it look like that silver car has the space of the Tardis …

Bonifazio descends like a madman – or a cage fighter. “In races, you don’t really need brakes …”

Ah, the beauty of the Italian countryside

And this is what happens when dickheads get hold of flares …

The Gruppetto

We love Trek Segafredo for so many reasons. This is one of them.

The Mighty Adam Hansen 

Only a few weeks away until … Roubaix!

Wishing Fabio Aru a speedy recovery

From Bedhead Bardet‘s terrifyingly good skin to Remain Bardet … all in a tweet or two.

Possibly the best marching placard ever

From ‘it’s a cooking revolution’ to destroying a room full of vases in world championship colours. I don’t think that Sagz will ever quit cycling for baseball, however. But the big question is, what exactly are we supposed to want to buy after seeing this advert?

Is Oss eating his last meal of the apocalypse? Looks like the whole table is sliding into a blackened abyss

Seinfeld fans will understand this …

Ooops …

We had some new arrivals

And some news about July

Bikes change lives! 

The last word

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