Tweets of the Week 2019: Let the Classics begin!

It was the start of the cobbled classics season and dominant performances from QuickSteppers in Omloop and KBK. We have the best quiffs in the peloton with Zdenek Stybar and Jungels BOB JUNGELS!. We also have Tour of Rwanda and the UAE Tour. Plus Larry en francais! Adam’s Gran! and so much more (and for now, it’s a blood-doping-free zone).

Cobbley goodness starts

Oh, it’s been a long ugly winter … but we feel the sun has come out because it’s time for the classics!

There are some beautiful trophies in this sport and these are two of them.

It was a battle between GVA and Stybar when the race got nearer to the sharp end

But Stybar outfoxed him

Stybar as grizzled ice hockey player on a bike …

There was a huge argument between VeloVoices Luke and Euan – Euan’s mancrush is Tom D; Luke’s is Stybar. You can see the glow of a full heart in this tweet.

No sugar-coating this …

Is it me or does it look like Dylan Teuns is witnessing an alien abduction in the crowd?

GVA – now known as Growler Van Avermonster


It was a second QuickStep win – this time by Jungels BOB JUNGELS!

As much as we all hate to admit it at VeloVoices Towers, @JournalVelo is actually right about Bob’s look here.

It was touch and go in those last kilometres … there might have been some chickpea interference

but Bob shook the hummus from his shoes and hit the finish line first and solo

There are some seriously fabulous QuickStep quiffs

Speechless in a good way, I’m assuming …

Love this … just goes to show the camaraderie in the peloton, regardless of the teams.

Sprinters thwarted …

Badass riding at its best

There’s not much more exciting than the thought of Daniel Oss going out in front and staying out in front … we want to see that victory salute this season!

We believe that, due to Oss not winning, @SwaganP has kept his soul to sell another day.

This made me laugh because … Tyler Farrar doing the rock god horns – possibly the least rock god person ever.

Oss’s first hashtag … is that going to trend?

Tractors … !

We know the season has well and truly started when @nyvelocity starts giving us the tractor report!

There were other races …

A desert race …

Some crazy sprinting …

Gaviria and Kristoff – if they have the same objective – could be a race-crushing combination this year.

Loving Larry in the Ag2r kit.

And a fabulous Tour of Rwanda

This is fabulous …

The Gruppetto

Ben Swift had a horrible crash a few weeks ago while training in Tenerife. Ruptured his spleen and was in intensive care for a while. Adam’s Gran sent encouragement … one of the best cycling tweets EVER

From the Toms Skujins fanclub

A touch of culture on the roadside

Beautiful …


The Last Word

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