The VeloVoices Podcast: Hear all about it!

It’s the cycling podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every fortnight or so, from the spring classics onwards, VeloVoices from around the world get together and chat through the races ridden, the riders of the races and other two-wheeled shenanigans. What we lack in knowledge and insight we make up for with … verve! If you haven’t heard our gales of laughter yet, here is where you can find the VeloVoices Podcast:

On ITunes or Apple Podcasts: follow this link here

Listen on Spotify using this link here

If you use TuneIn it’s here

If you prefer the easy life then you can get us on Amazon devices. On your Alexa app search for the Velovoices Podcast skill, enable it, then all you have to say is “Alexa, play the Velovoices Podcast” to hear the latest episode. 

The skills can be found here in you’re in the US or  here in you’re in the UK

For everything else, you can access it here on the blog.

Finally, if you like what you hear please leave a review or rating wherever you listen. That’s not because we have huge egos (well some of us) but it helps others find the podcast and builds the community.

Our first podcast will be recorded after Strade Bianche

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