Tweets of the Week 2019: It’s just like 1965!

This week, the pro peloton heads for Colombia where they are given a Beatlesque welcome. We also have some unsavoury rumours about Oleg Tinkov and a £20m offer – oh what crazy Tweets of the Week that would bring if it came true. And of course the gruppetto filled with warm and wonderful cycling tweets.

It’s like Beatlemania!!

When you get cycling fans into a stadium like that, it just looks amazing! That is *a lot* of people cheering on at the team presentation for the Tour of Colombia

All seem to be behaving themselves

He looks like Mick Jagger – now he knows what it feels like to be Mick Jagger in a stadium full of fans.

All the dickheadery last week with Quickstep buried this great story … Petr Vakoc racing again after a year rehabilitation for a broken back. Welcome back, Petr. Godspeed.

Hmmmm, possible sponsorship swooning … followed by some interesting rumours

Oligarch rumours …

Seriously, could you *imagine*????

His response almost surely means the opposite, no?

Not a lot of sponsors who would pony up that kind of cash … of course, you might need to see him showering naked by a van on a climb …

And then of course there’s this. Joint TdF leadership.

The Gruppetto

The excitement shown by that young boy – I like to think that he feels free …

Rui Costa … yep, you heard that right!

And we’re always happy to see Larry Warbasse at the start of the season

Qhubeka just keeps on giving

Sqwauk – guess who just rode up?

When you have a 4k curse placed on you

Everyone is so excited … but it’s 2023 so we have a way to go. Do we have the stamina to be afroth for four years? Not sure …

We might not recognise the picture, but we sure recognise the name

Oh so Mondrian

There is no one more nonchalant than Humphrey Bogart (follow the entire thread – everyone from Steve McQueen to Paul Newman to Audrey Hepburn)

The last word

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