Tweets of the Week 2019: Dumb and dumber …

This week’s Tweets … oh Lord. You just have to wonder sometimes, don’t you? We wrap up the toxic Keisse case and then we go straight into a lot of cyclists who actually were lovely to their fans this week. Plus some Mallorcan challenges and a gruppetto of old and new …

Pithy subtitle (there are none)

Unless you’ve been living under the equivalent of a cycling rock, you’ll have heard about Quickstep’s Iljo Keisse making his ‘joke’ pose for a team picture with a female fan while in Argentina for the Vuelta a San Juan. You’ll have heard that she brought an official complaint with the police. You’ll have heard that he apologised profusely.

And then you’ll have heard about the meltdown when the organisers asked for him to be taken out of the race: Patrick Lefevere (‘How dare she not think that a simulated sex act by a man she never met wasn’t a funny prank! She must want money!’); Keisse’s father (‘How dare that woman bend over and not realise that my son would see it as a target!!!’). And then the sponsors’ response: ‘We’re giving you money to lose all sense of decency and drag our name through the mud all week long? Think again, bozo …’

There are a lot of responses to a lot of these responses on Twitter – I’ll pick out a few, but I want to start with Keisse’s apology and CyclingTips recap of the whole thing and how it’s a wider problem than just one day in San Juan. (Personally, I’m more astounded that stuff like this doesn’t come out more often than that this happened now.)

But a few people have pointed out Alvaro Hodeg’s response …

There was a way that Quickstep could have handled this properly … they just didn’t.

In another Dimension …

Cav seems more relaxed and, dare I say, almost effervescent this season.

Doing what so many cyclists in the pro peloton do – treating fans with friendliness and respect.

Meanwhile, over in Porte-land … they race with cake!

Challenge Mallorca!

And Mallorca accepts! I think they might have gone a little over the top with their first response, however. Ha!

The race giveth and the race taketh away … Mallorcan style

The Gruppetto

Cofidis confoundment!

When you’re too tall for the selfie.

Break out the motion sickness pills! (you can feel the cold, really, can’t you …?)

Look! Another cyclist being really lovely to a fan! I’m really interested in seeing what Egan Bernal is going to do this season – such an amazing talent. I hope Sky let him off the leash – I have a feeling he could be one of those riders whose very presence in a race will bring a frisson of excitement and expectation.

Does that dinosaur remind you of anyone, LouLou? Your team’s manager, perhaps? (Please please please be a better man than some of those around you, Julian … please!)

When Elvis was a cyclist

The last word

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