Tweets of the Week 2019: Willungan expectations and a whole lotta Oss

The Tour Down Under has ended and therefore the Tour de France breathless predictions have begun, right on schedule. We also have Mathew Hayman‘s retirement video with music by Freddie Mercury. We also seem to have collected a lot of tweets about Daniel Oss – and his hair isn’t the same in any one of them! Just settle back and enjoy TWEEEEEETS OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEK

Crashes and camaraderie

But first … let us doff our caps to Patrick Bevin, who was in the leader’s jersey until he had a vicious crash and had an ambulance waiting for him at the finish line on stage 5. But, as we all know, it takes more than a gamma of X-rays to keep a cyclist down and he ended the TDU with the points jersey.

With crashes come camaraderie and Alex Dowsett really says it best with an instagram of a text … (sooooo multimedia).

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This right here I feel is our WorldTour group in one message/nutshell, we fight tooth & nail against each other every day, it’s dangerous, fast and utter madness at times, especially easy days into chaotic bunch kicks like today, we all cut each other up unintentionally, bump handlebars, move other riders out the way, intimidate others and make enemies all to make sure your teammate is protected but there’s a general understanding that this is racing and off the bike we settle any differences and are friends again. In the most part we give each other a few mm’s space but not one mm more than absolutely necessary. We suffer together, socialise together in the bunch and have each other’s backs in the most part. We’re happy for good or deserving guys that win, not as happy as you would be if it was your teammate or you, but pleased for them anyways. But most of all no one likes seeing another rider go down, and we don’t want to see another hurt either, riding back through the buses after the stage a lot of riders asking after Marco in today’s pile up along with some messages like this one from @lukas_poestlberger, this shows it. @mhaller91 is fine, lots of blood today but luckily nothing serious, we’ll be ripping him later for making a fuss 😉

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Let the expectations be raised!

Richie Porte won on Willunga again, which of course means, “He is in top form for the Tour de France and this will be the year that he dons the maillot jaune on the podium on the Champs Elysees!!!! Because a rider’s form in January and over an Australian climb is a clear indicator of how he will perform for nearly a month of riding in July!!!!! YAY” 

>Cillian forgot the word ‘once’ in this tweet<

But the Trek jersey and cap is very fetching!

Meanwhile, “historic” is possibly not the right word for this back-to-back victory by Daryl Impey. A great accomplishment, sure, but I don’t see it having any sort of historic significance as the world richochets its way into the future.

But Mathew Hayman retired after 20 years in the pro peloton. And Freddie Mercury pays tribute …

The Gruppetto

It is a rare Tweets of the Week when LouLou gets relegated to the gruppetto.

The cycling world is turned around in January …

I love that look on Thomas De Gendt‘s face. “One day … I will have my revenge.”

Speaking of horror – Daniel Oss has got great wildman hair … the other guy, um …

You can make this ice bath at home!

The little kangaroo …

LOVE these!

The last word

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