How the hell … did you get into the sport of cycling?

It’s 2019, kids, and we’re starting the New Year off right. With you! A few months ago, Journal Velo put out the question, How the hell did you get into the sport of cycling? 

How did pro cycling first entice you? For me, it was watching the nightly Tour de France highlights in the 80s and just falling for the whole spectacle. The garishly clad riders taking on each other and some brutal roads sucked me in.

When I put the question out on Twitter, the replies told a story of how someone had stumbled upon the sport and fell under the spell – and they show such a joy for the sport!

By far the most popular response came from people who, like me, caught glimpses of Le Tour every summer:

But before C4, there was World of Sport and Robert Miller

Having local riders at the sharp end of le Tour helped lots too:

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The Tour was by a mile the most popular gateway into cycling but the Olympics played a part too:

Then there were those people whose first exposure to the sport came from being at a race… sometimes accidentally!

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This reply is a bit more niche but probably the ultimate response …

And finally thanks to Midge, of this parish, for reminding me that the Tour de France wasn’t the only bike race seen on TV in the UK in the 80s

So How The Hell did we get into cycling? Simply seeing it at some place and some time… that’s all it took.

One thought on “How the hell … did you get into the sport of cycling?

  1. sevencyclist says:

    For me, it was the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. I lived in LA for the first 30 years of my life, and the Olympics were in my backyard. Watching Nelson Vails, Connie Caroenter-Phinney, Davis Phinney, Mark Gorski, and see a couple if Gold Medals in the Velodrome got me going. Add the movie Breaking Away, and I’m there.

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