VeloVoices Awards 2018: Best Hair, Facial Adornment or Tattoo

We’ve got tattoos, hairstyles and beards in all and every combination. Settle down while the VeloVoices wax lyrical, pay rapturous homage, err…present their evidence for this hotly contested category. Think we’ve got it wrong then let us know. Either way VOTE NOW!

Previous winners: 2015 – Daniel Oss; 2016 – Peter Sagan; 2017 – Peter Sagan

Floortje Mackaij


Are words necessary?  I mean, just look. Such hair.

Thibaut Pinot

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Euan:  Solo la vittoria è Bella – a tattoo in Italian on a Frenchman. It means ‘only the victory is beautiful’. Well said Thibaut Pinot. He didn’t go for Amo animare la gara (‘I love to animate the race’) or sprecare energia è ciò che fa il ciclismo (‘wasting energy is what cycling is all about’).

Thibaut’s tattoo says it all – second place or the most aggressive rider award mean nothing. The win is everything. I don’t even care what the tattoo looks like, I just love the sentiment.

Daniel Oss

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Kathi: His hair is wild, his attitude is badass and his racing style is full gas. Daniel Oss is no shrinking violet and his hair is the outward manifestation of his racing soul. Last year, he took our Unsung Hero award for his race-winning work for Greg Van Avermaet in the spring classics and this year, having moved over to Bora-hansgrohe to support Peter Sagan, he once again played a vital role in a Paris-Roubaix win. You know when that hair starts to fly that the race hammer is going down!

Alex Howes

Luke: For years, I have sat in envy when looking at the hair of Alex Howes (Sorry, Taylor, you’re a close second). There’s a certain mystique about it. I’ll just say this: the hair that Howes is graced with seems so naturally perfectly coiffed that not even the strongest of winds could distort its beauty. Even when covered by a helmet, sections of his hair pop through the vents and outshine even the bright pink colors of EF Education First. If you’re not fawning over him yet, then his beard looks so simplistic and unperfected while also gorgeously fitting his personality of a rugged outdoorsman and bringing out his warmth as a person. Just take a look for yourself!

Pippo Pozzato

Sheree: We’re all intimately acquainted with Pippo’s extensive collection of tattoos – quite possibly the largest in the professional peloton – thanks to that Sidi advert and the #maestro’s penchant for shameless self-promotion across social media.

And, let’s not forget the hair. It takes ages to achieve those teased to perfection locks. So, is he vain? Undoubtedly but he’s also a huge crowd pleaser at races. He doesn’t linger in the team bus, he’ll readily mingle with the fans, happily stopping for selfies, and is consequently also popular with race organisers. You could say Pippo, or The Peacock of Sandrigo, adds a touch of amusement and glamour to the sterile world of power meters and altitude training camps.

Julian Alaphilippe

Midge: Monsieur Alaphilippe. Panachetastic on a bike, full of Gallic flair off it. The hair, the goatee, the impossibly quirked eyebrow, the uncanny knack of every hat gracing his head. He’s our Musketeer with a more-than-ample serving of je ne sai quoi. I rest my case.


Poll is open until 11.59pm on 14 December – after which, stay alert for our Awards podcast! 

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