Second day of the World Championships and we are rolling off the ramp with the first of the individual time trials. The Netherlands and Denmark claimed rainbows, but there were many stories to be told from Innsbruck.

Kicking off the report with a daily dose of rainbows. UK people of a certain age will recognise this bob of a tune. It’s so fitting I’m thinking of starting a petition to make this the official song. #PaintTheWholeWorldWithARainbow

Junior Women ITT

It was orange on the top step of the podium as Rosemarijn Ammerlaan gave The Netherlands a great start to the week. The Dutch youngster, already a National TT champion, took just 27:02 to cover the 19.8km from the Swarovski Crystal Centre to the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck. Seven seconds faster than Camilla Alessio (Italy) in only her second timed event with first year junior Elynor Backstedt (UK) in third.

It’s fantastic to see all the podium so happy for their achievement

It was really tough, especially the second part with some hills. It was very tough. Also it was a headwind so it was so hard. I didn’t know anything about times or how I was riding. I didn’t want to know that because it doesn’t bring me anything – I just rode. Rosemarijn Ammerlaan – World Champion

The Cycling News article highlights how national funding and sponsorship is improving at this level and also how vital family support is. My favourite item concerns how these talented women came by their bikes. The gold medallist rode to glory on a Giant bike that used to belong to compatriot Anna van der Breggan, while Alessio took silver on one formerly ridden by Sky’s Sergio Henao.

She’s sixteen years of age and already racking up the titles? Does the surname sound familiar? Yes, Elynor is the eldest of Magnus Backstedt’s two very talented cycling daughters.

Every left on the road. Fantastic capture by one of VeloVoices favourite photographers

Race report from Cycling News

U23 Men ITT

There was double delight in the Danish camp as Mikkel Bjerg retained his rainbow hued title and Mathias Norsgaard rode to bronze. If their teammate hadn’t fallen a Danish triple may well have been possible [I can dream can’t I?].  Bjerg never looked in trouble as he whooshed around the course with practiced ease, crossing the line some 33seconds faster than silver medallist Brent van Moer from Belgium.

Who knows how many more U23 titles this nineteen year old tempo tyro will collect, but he seems to have his eyes on at least one more. Watch out Yorkshire!

I want to say that I probably do not win this sweater four times in a row, but three times may also be enough. Mikkel Bjerg World Champion

Hotseat happiness

It wasn’t plain sailing for all the competitors. There was heartbreak for Eritrea’s Awet Habtom when a problem with his TT bike at the start meant he had to compete on his road bike.

It was panic stations in the GB camp as Charlie Tanfield almost missed his start time and had to run for it. He made it with two seconds to spare, but lost more time as he struggled to clip in while rolling down the ramp.

Not everyone was amused…

It’s the responsibility of the rider to be ready in good time, and this is one Mr Tanfield will have to chalk up to experience. Speaking post race

I thought the guy in front of me was still sat on his chair ready to go and it turns out it wasn’t him.I had everyone around me and I thought it was fine. Next thing I know it’s 10 seconds to go and I ran to the bike. At the end of the day, I was still a minute down. Even if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be in the lead anyway. It’s sh*t, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker.

Full race report at Cycling News

Innsbruck Vibes

Header Image: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)


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