Vuelta Tweets of the Week: Final reactions to 2018’s best Grand Tour

In the last mountain stage, eight places out of the top 10 changed around. That’s one of the reasons why this was such a great Grand Tour – it never failed to throw up surprises. We’ve trawled the Twittersphere for some final reactions for #Vuelta2018

When you’re about to win your first Grand Tour

And you’re wearing silly sunglasses

They might ride together, but they don’t look around for one another very often.

We were targeting the team classification

Two big riders on Movistar – how was it going to pan out in that third week? Super-domestique or foe?

When you realise you’re not in Kansas anymore …

Annnnnd Zen!

‘Is anybody on the other end of this thing?’

I love this. Almost as much as ‘doin’ a McEwen’ …

Sometimes a win is so much more than just a victory

When you see a great stage win in a place where you can’t jump up and down and cheer

Quick-Step … again and again

Grinta and perserverance

Simply the best!

The Gruppetto

There was astonishingly racing somewhere other than in Spain!

At the time of writing, Quick-Step had notched up their 67th win of the season

This might come in handy for Ned Boulting

I suspect LouLou is going to give EuroDisney a wide berth …

A signing that makes us very very happy.

We’re just waiting for a team to snap this guy up too.

A 10-week Tour de France

The last word

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