Tour Tweets of the Week : Bromance, rivals and one stage at a time

The second week of the Tour de France has come and gone, but the tweets live on forever. We have Julian Alapolkadot, whale-watching in the peloton, Cav‘s cutest fan, Fabs eating a giant cookie and Moms who love the Tour – and people who love France. Plus so so much more!

Polka-dot Picasso

I love him and I don’t care who knows it. So Julian Alaphilippe gets premium place in this week’s Tweets

Bromance slumber party

While LouLou’s teammate PhilGil has been frisky all week – working hard for his teammates and perhaps trying for some glory of his own

Sky rivals

As is usual in a Grand Tour, Sky were the focus of attention, both good and bad.

I’ve always really liked Geraint Thomas (granted, I still think he’s missed his calling as a mega-classics rider but hey …) and it really does feel like he has his head screwed on right. Will be interesting to see what happens this week and if he can take the yellow jersey all the way to Paris.

The idiots who have been throwing things at Sky, who try to interfere with the riders and who generally are dickheads have no place in cycling. I absolutely believe that. Whether you like a rider or not, they’re still human beings – how would you like it if you were going to your office and you had to run the gauntlet of people with flares, running beside you in dodgy underwear or spitting at you?

That said, Dave Brailsford doesn’t do himself any favours by blaming the French – all of France – for this. Funnily enough, he said this just after his troubled rider, Gianni Moscon got kicked off the Tour for punching another rider. Get your own house in order, Dave, before you call out an entire nation.

I love this hashtag thread #NiceThingsAboutTheFrench.

For me, it would be Engrenages …

And speaking of Dave’s petulant rider …

A generous gesture for EBH

Best teeshirt EVER

Moms love Le Tour

These Mom tweets are absolutely delightful.

It’s a long time to be on the road, so seeing your family even after you’ve just ridden a mountain must be lovely for the riders.

A little love for Cav after he came in outside the time cut.

When the race doesn’t work out

The route of the Tour de France is littered with tears and heartbreak amidst the champagne corks. Here are a few tweets that sum up what happens when the race just doesn’t work out.

It’s terrible when this happens

Calmejane has been trying all week to get a stage win. It just wasn’t to be.

A slightly dodgy Google Translate of Calmejane’s thoughts on the stage that wasn’t to be. “Lilian Calmejane in tears at the finish: “I was at home, I had legs to win, I would not have other opportunities like that Some teams ran to lose Mollema what does it 3rd? Trek tried to bury me. “

Dan Martin is not interested in just tooling along in the peloton. He’s been wanting action – so he’s taken it.

Bedhead‘s worst nightmare has found him on the road

While for some guys who normally don’t even think of abandoning, the pace was just too much. It just shows that it isn’t an easy decision to abandon.

When love breaks down between a sprinter and his team. Andre Greipel deserved better than a terse two-sentence team press release. We anxiously await news of his new team next season. Because he’s not done, and we’re not done watching him.

Retirement Tuesday

It seems that Fabian Cancellara and Phil Gaimon have forged quite a sweet little friendship. Over giant cookies. And a great cause – Phil has been fundraising for No Kid Hungry – have a look at what they do and why not give a little bit to make the world a better place?

Look who turned up at the Tour this year? It’s good to see Andy Schleck looking so happy and healthy.

Would you get into a lift with these guys?

Pippo rises again …

The Gruppetto

I love this gesture by Bauke Mollema.

Behind the scenes with Trek …

Gruber alert! Gruber alert!

Astana had a good week … two consecutive stage wins – and the first by both Omar Fraile and Magnus Cort

I absolutely love that Omar went round to everyone who helps keep his team on the road and thanked them with a hug. This is what it means to win your first Tour de France stage.

Eurosport’s own merry prankster – Ashley House photobombing his Polish colleagues. Sashay out!

Meanwhile, the lion of the peloton, as envisaged by Panache

The last word

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