Tour Tweets of the Week: Dust, drama and Degs

We’re going over the cobbles, kicking up the dust for our second TOUR TWEETS OF THE WEEK! The Mighty Degs, QuickSteppers, fun videos from everyone from EF to Velon, SuperSaganThat Boy Phinney and much much more! Giddy up!

The dust and the drama

It was an epic stage … the GC wasn’t as shaken up as we all thought, but the dust was kicked up and the drama was high.

You have to love Thomas De Gendt 

EF Everyone is doing a cracking job on Twitter this Tour.

Pierre Rolland goes crazy with the tape

It’s all about the dirt. Get out the loofahs …

Epic win

One of the most emotional wins I’ve ever seen – the Mighty Degs takes a magnificent win on Roubaix day and made everyone cry with his heartfelt reaction.

A wonderful moment between Cav and Degs after that amazing win

I can watch this 100 times and I’ll cry every single time. This is what I watch cycling for. This.

The gang’s all here

Here are just some great tweets since last Tuesday – not in any particular order. But they’re fun!

Meanwhile, Steve has something to say

I just like this picture

Like a little baby bird

Seriously, I have no idea why they’re cozying up to CyclingWeekly – THIS is the original and best Tweets of the Week. Come on, EF, get on board!


Cool vids

There are a lot of videos coming out over Twitter every stage – Sunweb, Peter Sagan, Adam Hansen, Cav, PhilGil, and Bernie Eisel

That hair! THAT HAIR! Gorgeous

Always good to see (and hear) The Ladies’ Favourite


Fans …

Mavis is living the life of Riley

The gruppetto

Included just because I think it’s very funny – and charming

Very saucy. And – wow – those are some kind of tattoos on Koen de Kort 

It’s not a Tour tweets without the tractor section, courtesy of NYVelocity

Stage 7 was a long long long stage … some stuck with it, some didn’t

Um … champagne showers? Yikes!

Well, hello there, WaWa. We’ve not seen you very much this season

No one loves you quite like a grandma …

The last word

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